How The Jay Z Assault And Attempted Murder Charges Went Away

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Jay Z is one of the most influential figures in the hip-hop industry and has had major success as a businessman, with one of his most noteworthy ventures being the Roc Nation record label. Some of the artists under the company include T.I., Rihanna, Rita Ora, The Lox, Rapsody, Yo Gotti, and Fat Joe. He is also married to one of the most popular female artists in the world, Beyonce, with their cumulative net worth presently said to be over $1 billion dollars.

That said, his accomplishments and fortunes over the years would have been substantially different if he had he been convicted of attempted murder, following an altercation at a party, years ago. According to a revelation by Calvin Beacote Klein in his book Neighborhoods Under Siege: Memoirs Of A Brooklyn Don, the two were apparently locked up and charged with assault battery, attempted murder, and possession of a deadly weapon. He stated this while on an interview with XXLMag.

He apparently chose to make a deal with the victim, in which he paid $50,000 to be convicted instead, and have Hova’s charges dropped. The “Family Feud” singer would in turn make sure to straighten out business and bail him out. At the time, the “Planet” singer was still a growing artist who then went on to become one of the most celebrated in the world, thanks to the opportunity. On the other hand, Calvin spent four years in prison.

To this day, events that led to the stabbing that brought on the charges are unclear, with witnesses citing differences between Jay Z and Lance “Un” Rivera, the victim. One version of events points to a rift between the two over Charli Baltimore a female artist who was once Notorious B.I.G’s girlfriend.

Apparently, Jay Z was trying to “push up on Charli,” according to a report by DJbooth and Rivera wasn’t happy about it. The other version points to differences stemming from a leaked album. Apparently, Jay’s upcoming album, Vol. 3 got leaked a full month before its release, something that was going to cost him a lot of money. He allegedly blamed Rivera for it and at some point lashed out.