'Love & Hip Hop Miami' Backlash: Young Hollywood Getting Death Threats After Amara La Negra Scene

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Miami, Young Hollywood caused quite a stir when he suggested that Amara La Negra be a "little less Macy Gray" and change her image up to look a "little more Beyonce." Amara was offended and explained to Young Hollywood that she is proud of the way she looks and that Latinas don't all come in a box.

"Afro-Latina... elaborate: Is that because you're African or is that because you have an Afro?" Young Hollywood questioned Amara about her roots and her look after she rejected his suggestion to change it up.

Young Hollywood's suggestion that Amara La Negra change her style up and become more "mainstream" started an argument between the two. The LHHM scene ended with a blowup between the two where Young Hollywood called Amara psychotic before dubbing her the "Nutella Queen."

After watching what Young Hollywood had to say to Amara La Negra, a lot of Love & Hip Hop Miami fans were pretty angry. Some have even gone so far as to send death threats to the young producer.

"I don't feel like I should be getting the death threats that I've been receiving," Young Hollywood told TMZ. "This is starting to affect my personal life, my reputation with friends."

It certainly didn't help things when, after the second episode of LHHM aired on VH1, Amara La Negra took to Twitter and stirred the pot.
The comments section of that post is flooded with opinions on what happened during the episode. Many called out Young Hollywood for being racist, others said what he did was really rude. Either way, there aren't many defending him at this point and the general consensus seems to be that he owes Amara an apology at least.

One Amara fan wrote, "He needs to just genuinely own the ignorance, genuinely apologise, know better and do better and get on with life being better!"

Of course, none of that makes it okay to start hurling death threats at Young Hollywood. The newest addition to the Love & Hip Hop franchise started out with a bang. It would be a shame if the rest of Season 1 of Love & Hip Hop Miami was spent on this storyline.