Robot Strippers Worked The Poles At Vegas Strip Club During CES 2018

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A strip club in Las Vegas hosted a performance by two “strippers” who just happen to be robots. The performance took place at the Sapphire Nightclub and was designed to entice CES 2018 attendees, PCMag reports. CES is a consumer electronics showcase that’s held in Vegas every year. Sapphire put out a video to promote the act which shows them gyrating mechanical hips and holding on to stripper poles.

The stripper robots, named #R2DoubleD and #TripleCPU, weren’t originally destined for Vegas. They were created by British artist Giles Walker and were called “Peepshow,” at first. The installation was a play on a British joke about “sexing up” the report that led Britain to join The United States in the war in Iraq. Giles says that he wanted to apply that idea to surveillance.

The focus on surveillance is evident in the design. The robots have CCTV cameras for heads. The rest of their bodies are made up of mannequin parts, a gate-opening motor and windshield wiper motors, PCMag reports. They’re meant to seduce viewers to watch while they’re theoretically being recorded by a mysterious entity.

There has been a lot of speculation lately about the future of artificial intelligence and robotics. Some theorists have claimed that they could make the human race obsolete. But, according to PCMag, these robotic exotic dancers did not intimidate the human women who dance in the club. On the contrary, the humans were concerned that the robots would be damaged by patrons who got a little too handsy.

News of these robotic strippers comes after a mathematician theorized that sex robots would make men obsolete and not women. Writing for Bloomberg, Dr. Cathy O’Neil who has a Ph.D. in mathematics from Harvard University, speculated that innovations in sex-bot technology could mean that they start to “outperform” human men. This would make them ideal partners for heterosexual women, she said.

O’Neil added that it would be worth the risk of the robot getting hacked if they really understood the female body.

The robots don’t just have to be used for sex. Women can use them to do chores around the house which would render them even more attractive replacements for men made of flesh and bones, she noted.