Poll: Donald Trump Approvals At Just 36 Percent, More Than Half of Voters Give Him Poor First Year Grade

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Donald Trump’s approval ratings stand at just 36 percent, and well over half of all voters gave him a poor or failing grade for his first-year in the White House, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

Pollsters also found 39 percent of voters gave Trump a failing grade of “F,” while another 17 percent give him just a “D” grade.

By comparison, only 33 percent of voters give him a “C” grade or better.

Overall, 59 percent of all respondents disapprove of the job Trump has done during his first-year in the Oval Office, “a record for an American president at this point,” noted Quinnipiac chief pollster Tim Malloy.

When challenged to reveal the first word that comes to mind in describing Trump’s first-year in office, the words “disaster,” chaotic,” “horrible,” and “embarrassing” were among those most frequently used.

Trump made certain to pounce on the fact that 66 percent of respondents said they think the economy is now either “good” or “great,” tweeting that “it is the highest number ever recorded by this poll.”

But even that distinction, comes with a red herring for the administration.

“The sub line is that people don’t necessarily attribute this to Mr. Trump,” Malloy said. “He gets some of the credit, but Barack Obama, President Obama does get some of the credit as well.”

More specifically, 49 percent of voters responded Obama is more responsible for the good economy, while just 40 percent attribute more of it to Trump.

As for Trump’s notorious habit of tweeting, Malloy added, “Americans universally want the President to put it down and stop tweeting. 69 percent of Americans say stop it and 49 percent versus 44 percent of Republicans say stop it. It’s a universal, demographic clean sweep.”

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Meanwhile, a recent Gallup poll found Trump’s approvals at just 39 percent even after the passage of his signature tax plan, which represents the administration’s first major piece of legislation to pass through Congress.

Gallup researchers added the 39 percent approval rating represents a 6-point drop from where Trump kicked off his presidency back in January. Overall, Trump averaged just a 39 percent approval rating for all of 2017, according to Gallup.

Despite the putrid numbers, Trump’s current approvals represent a four-point uptick over where they stood just weeks ago when he dipped to a Gallup poll low of just 35 percent.