Elizabeth Hurley Proves She’s Top Model For Swimsuit Line At 52 By Posting String Bikini Pic On Instagram

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Elizabeth Hurley has no need to hunt for a top model to showcase her swimsuit line. The age-defying beauty just showed once more why she’s her own best supermodel for her fashions by sharing a photo of herself in a string bikini on Instagram, reported Pop Culture. Liz summed up her views on her bathing suit in the caption.

“Trends come and trends go, but nothing beats a string bikini.”

The picture shows Hurley flaunting her figure in an aqua sample of her beloved string bikini. The swimsuit is from her own Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimwear line.

Liz Hurley Sizzles In Pink Swimsuit

While Liz made it clear to her 803,000 Instagram followers that no trend can outdo a string bikini, Hurley also showcased the attractions of a one-piece swimsuit. Elizabeth opted for a pink bathing suit to stand up for the one-piece.

“No longer the poor relation to the bikini: One pieces are our new best friends.”

In the caption, Hurley hinted that her fans can look for more about that one-piece swimsuit, writing, “coming soon.” In response to the many stunning photos and videos that Elizabeth posted on Instagram, her fans have asked how she stays in such great shape. Hurley shared her secrets.

Elizabeth Hurley’s Diet & Fitness For Looking & Feeling Fab

Hurley also has revealed why she is such a fan of posting bikini and swimsuit photos to Instagram. Beyond promoting her swimwear line, Elizabeth hopes to serve as a role model for women when it comes to staying in shape.

“I like women to feel very confident in how they look and to accept that every size can be beautiful. But I still think it’s important to be in shape.”

Although Hurley promotes the positive body movement by emphasizing that it “doesn’t matter really what size you are,” Liz also advocates for exercise. Hurley shared that she feels it is essential to be active.

“I think it’s important to stay sort of firm and to do a reasonable amount of walking and exercise,” explained Elizabeth. “I don’t go to the gym, but I’m quite active.”

In addition to exercising, Hurley avoids fad diets. In response to the green juice weight loss trend, Liz said that she believes in eating unprocessed, whole foods to maintain her hourglass figure, reported Eat This, Not That.

Hurley prefers eating food that is organic and comes from her farm or farmers’ market. She also avoids pasta, bread, and cheese, while drinking water to stay hydrated.

“Whole grains and vegetables and fish and small bits of lean meat is really the way I tend to go.”

When it comes to Elizabeth’s secret for avoiding temptations to “raid the fridge,” she sips soup. Hurley revealed that she makes vegetable soup and drinks it when she is tempted to overindulge.

Elizabeth Hurley is her own best model for her swimwear line.
Elizabeth Hurley is her own best model for her swimwear line.Featured image credit: KGC-247STAR MAX / IPx / AP Images

Elizabeth Hurley’s Best Celebrity Diet & Fitness Tips

Liz also revealed what she described as her “best” diet tip. Hurley said that she avoids overeating at dinner, consuming her calories earlier in the day.

“I think that’s one of the best diet tips you can have: Eat your food earlier on in the day, so you’ve got more time to digest it and your body can rest in the sleep period.”

Elizabeth confessed that she used to snack late at night. However, she has now conquered that habit.

When it comes to her best fitness tip, Hurley believes in walking every day. She also does core work to keep her abs tight for those swimsuit photos, with an occasional Pilates or yoga session.

Liz said that she enjoys walking her dogs and hiking for variety. And to keep her skin glowing, Hurley views using lots of moisturizer as her top beauty secret. Elizabeth advocates for fresh air as well, avoiding central heating and keeping the window open when she sleeps.