Trump Lectured By 'Clueless' Sean Penn On Compassion -- 'Fox & Friends Weekend' Guest Host Slams Actor

A recent op-ed in Time Magazine giving Trump a lecture on compassion which is written by actor Sean Penn has one Fox News contributor questioning - "Who is Sean Penn to lecture Trump about compassion?" In Penn's article, which appeared Saturday in Time's online venue, Sean Penn calls Trump the enemy of compassion.

The lengthy article has Penn making the conclusion that "President Donald Trump is the enemy of Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents and every new child born. An enemy of mankind. He is indeed an enemy of the state." These were Penn's the final words on Trump in this article, as seen in his Time Magazine article.

Penn gives a lengthy example of his involvement with compassion in Haiti.

Penn is talking about Trump's ideas on immigration, but before he gets to that, the actor offers a lengthy story on his work in Haiti back in 2010 after a devasting earthquake "killed as many as 300,000 Haitians. He talks about being "embedded with the 82nd Airbourne Division along with another 29 American volunteers whose "hands and souls touched the bodies of the dying and dead."

He goes on to write about the compassion seen under the administration of Barack Obama, who initiated "one of the most extraordinary missions of support in humanitarian history," by deploying about 22,000 service men and women to Haiti. Saturday, when Penn published his op-ed piece, was the 8th anniversary of this horrendous earthquake in which he writes how he can "still smell the blood and death that greeted us in that humid air upon arrival."

Penn goes on to talk about the resilience of these people who all worked together clearing the debris and rebuilding their nation after that earthquake. He then arrives at the point of this article, which is Trump's view on immigration. Penn wrote about the Haitian people attempting to immigrate to America. Penn claims that you can see by taking a look at the Haitian people already in America -- "there is no disputing the value they add to American Society."

Statistics are offered in this op-ed piece by Penn, which include "Second-generation Haitian Americans earn bachelor degrees at a rate 50% higher than the general U.S. population. Fourteen percent of second-generation Haitian Americans hold a master's degree, Ph.D. or advanced professional degree."

Out of the money earned in America by the Haitian-born immigrants they send back over $1.5 billion a year, according to Penn, which helps in the recovery efforts still going strong today in that country despite eight years passing since that devastating earthquake.

Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy gives an example of Penn's lack of compassion.

Campos-Duffy finds it "utterly astounding that Time Magazine actually published the op-ed piece by clueless actor Sean Penn." She asks the question -- "Who is Sean Penn to lecture anyone about compassion?"

As Fox & Friends Weekend reported on their Sunday morning show, Sean Penn is saying it is Trump who is the real enemy as they post a picture of Penn standing with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Campos-Duffy accuses Penn of "using his Hollywood clout to lend credibility to Chavez and to spread lies about the 'successes' of Chavez's disastrous socialist revolution."

Sean Penn neglected to mention any of the "horrible indignities and abuses suffered by the Venezuelan people," according to Campos-Duffy, who was a Fox & Friends Weekend guest host. She said on the Sunday morning show how Venezuelan "mothers with degrees (college degrees) are going across the border to prostitute themselves for money to feed their children."

People in Venezuela are actually eating their pets or having to give their children away because they can no longer afford to feed them, writes Campos-Duffy. The Fox &Friends Weekend host pointed to "one of the saddest articles she ever read" which was published in the Miami Herald.

This Miami Herald article talked about women who were teachers and doctors who had no choice but to become prostitutes to buy food. In one brothel alone, which women are sold for $25 an hour, there are "lots of teachers, some doctors, many professional women and one petroleum engineer," claims Gabriel Sanchez, who is the owner of that brothel.

All came with a "degree in hand" and all of the women came from Venezuela to this brothel in Columbia as the only way to make enough money to stay alive, Sanchez told reporters. Campos-Duffy also wrote how the "brave citizens" of Venezuela are being attacked or killed by the government in that country when they attempt to protest against the things "rigged by the regime" of Chavez like elections and institutions.

Sean Penn and dictator Chavez

Trump has condemned the socialist oppressors in Venezuela and made a quest for freedom for the people of that country one of his top three international concerns. North Korea and Iran are the first two concerns with the people of Venezuela third on this list.

With that said, Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy wants to know where Sean Penn comes off lecturing Donald Trump over compassion. This all stemmed from the comments Trump allegedly made earlier in the week about some of the countries that were sending their immigrants being "s-hole" countries, which Trump denies saying.

Campos-Duffy said on Fox & Friends Weekend Sunday morning that after reading Penn's op-ed article, she couldn't help herself but to write one of her own. Where is Penn's compassion when it comes to the people of Venezuela? This is the question that Campos-Duffy's article leaves you with.