British Party Suspends Leader’s Girlfriend For Reportedly Making Racist Comments About Meghan Markle

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The UK Independence Party has suspended the girlfriend of its party leader Henry Bolton after it was revealed that she may have made racist comments about future royal Meghan Markle in a row of text messages sent to her friend. Bolton had already been facing calls to resign from the leadership position in the party after he left his wife for the 25-year-old glamour model Jo Marney last month. And these latest developments concerning Marney definitely won’t help his cause.

Miss Marney, in the alleged text messages, wrote of Prince Harry’s “black American” fiancée and how she was going to “taint” the royal family with “her seed” and would eventually pave the way for a “black king,” the Daily Mail reports. At one point, she also reportedly says that she would never consider having sex with a “negro” because she finds them ugly. She supposedly wrote the following regarding Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry.

“They are pushing their way to the top slowly slowly. Next will be a Muslim PM. And a black king.”

UKIP party heads were alerted by the Daily Mail regarding the messages early on Sunday, and the party immediately took action by suspending Marney. Henry Bolton’s resignation is expected to follow. The 54-year-old was already due to face a crunch meeting with other party leaders regarding his future in the UKIP, following the public outcry against his new relationship. Bolton left his 42-year-old wife, the mother of his two children, for Miss Marney just a few days before Christmas.

Here’s a photo of Henry Bolton with Miss Marney, shared on Boxing Day.

The messages were purportedly exchanged between Jo Marney and a male companion just three weeks before her relationship with Henry Bolton was made public. In the texts, Marney denounces Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry on the grounds that she is a “black American.” Miss Marney also called Markle “a gender equality t***” and a “dumb little commoner obsessed with race.” Thirty-six-year-old Markle is set to marry Prince Harry on May 19.

Although Marney has been suspended from the party, some members are calling for her permanent dismissal from the party. Former deputy leader of UKIP Peter Whittle is among them.

“These are disgraceful remarks. This person should not just be suspended… but expelled altogether.”

As for Henry Bolton, if he is dismissed during the UKIP’s National Executive Committee on Thursday, he will be the fourth leader to leave the party in just 18 months. Some experts have even pointed out that this scandal could mean the very end of the party. The party has had serious financial troubles ever since Nigel Farage stepped down as its leader following the EU referendum.

The couple, Bolton and Marney, were spotted dining together last night, The Times reports.