Kylie Jenner Reportedly Can't Believe How Many People Care About Her Pregnancy

Rumors broke yesterday that Kylie Jenner was going into labor, which sent shockwaves throughout the internet. People were busy trying to figure out if the 20-year-old was, indeed, getting ready to have her baby or if it was a false alarm.

The rumor turned out to be just that, but those close to Kylie Jenner are reporting that the star is allegedly blown away by the amount of people that seem to care about her pregnancy.

Someone close to Kylie Jenner told Hollywood Life that the reality star is trying to stay away from the internet during her hiatus, but she can't escape everything. While she tries not to read articles about herself, friends and family were texting and calling to ensure that the lip kit mogul wasn't having her baby just yet.

The same source stated that although Kylie Jenner finds the whole situation mildly amusing, she hopes it dies down a little bit once the baby arrives, as it will make going out so much easier for her. However, many assume that once the baby is confirmed, the public interest won't be so crazy and Kylie might be able to finally get a moment of peace.

Although rumors have been swirling for a while, Kylie Jenner has yet to confirm or deny them. Her sister, Khloe Kardashian, recently did the same thing with her pregnancy, but finally spilled the beans right before Christmas.

The reality TV star and lip kit mogul is reportedly expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Travis Scott. However, the pair are also reportedly not on the best terms with one another and their relationship may be on the rocks. Rumors state that this is because Kylie Jenner wants him to stay home with her as she preps for their baby, but he's wanting to ramp up his tour schedule.

It was also rumored that the pair parted ways over Christmas, but it seems they are still together, despite reports of having problems with one another.

Kylie Jenner started dating Travis Scott not long after her breakup from rapper Tyga, whom she had been dating for several years.