January 13, 2018
NHL Trade Rumors: Blue Jackets' Jack Johnson Has Requested NHL Trade From Team

The Columbus Blue Jackets may be making an NHL trade soon, based on their defenseman's recent request. Jack Johnson has asked the team to trade him with the deadline approaching in several weeks. The news also comes as Columbus is sitting in second place in the Metropolitan division just behind the Washington Capitals. Here's the latest on what to expect for Jack Johnson's situation and the Blue Jackets going forth this NHL season.

In a report earlier today from Pro Hockey Rumors, they indicate that The Athletic's Aaron Portzline first broke the news of the trade request. The story notes that Jack Johnson asked the Columbus Blue Jackets for a trade several weeks ago. However, there have been no deals mentioned yet. That said, there have not been any comments provided from the Blue Jackets, Johnson, or his agent regarding the trade request.

The Blue Jackets' defenseman has been in the league since being drafted by the Los Angeles Kings back in 2006. His past six seasons have been as a member of Columbus' roster. In his current NHL season, Johnson has achieved five assists and two goals, one of which was a game winner. Over the course of his career, he's racked up 65 goals along with 209 assists in 757 games. His lengthy resume will provide any team that chooses to make a deal for him some solid veteran experience on defense.

NHL defenseman Jack Johnson has asked for a trade
NHL defenseman Jack Johnson has asked for the Columbus Blue Jackets to trade him.

However, the price for Johnson could be high. It's being said that he's making $5 million for his current salary, which may be tough for some teams to pay. Johnson has been in a "diminished role" with the team lately. While the Columbus defenseman doesn't seem to be unhappy with his current team, he is looking to take advantage of his position in the final year of a contract. By being traded to a new team, Johnson could potentially get a bigger role for the team and cash in by showing what he's capable of.

It's being speculated that if a trade happens, the Columbus Blue Jackets would probably seek another defenseman in return. Wit the NHL trade deadline scheduled for February 26th that should give the Blue Jackets, Jack Johnson, and other teams plenty of time to assess the potential deal(s).