January 13, 2018
WWE News: Sasha Banks Getting Huge Heat As People Start Blaming Her For Ending Paige's Career

In what has to be one of the most upsetting things to happen in wrestling, Paige has been forced to retire and end her in-ring career with WWE due to sustaining a recent injury. The young 25-year-old former champion suffered the injury at a recent Monday Night Raw live event after receiving a kick to the back from Sasha Banks. Now, Banks is under fire and receiving a ton of heat from fans who believe she is responsible for ending Paige's career.

As reported by PW Insider, this injury has essentially brought about a forceful and abrupt end to Paige's in-ring career for WWE.

At the live event in the Nassau Coliseum in December, Paige teamed with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to take on Banks, Mickie James, and Bayley. Banks delivered a kick to Paige's back which saw the former champ drop to the mat and stumbles when trying to stand up and it brought about the "X" injury sign from the referee.

Paige was helped to the back and this past Monday, she was advised that she cannot return to the ring. Many are stating that Paige's situation is similar to that of Edge's neck injury which forced his in-ring retirement back in 2011, and a number of fans need someone to blame.

Well, a lot of that blame and heat is being placed on Sasha Banks.

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A number of fans have jumped on social media to wish Paige well and hope that something could possibly change to allow her to wrestle again one day. They are being sympathetic to her situation and know that this has to be even harder on her than anyone else.

Other fans? They are taking it out on Sasha Banks and some even believe that she purposely caused Paige's career-ending injury.

There is even a video of the injury on YouTube, and this one is titled "Should WWE fire Sasha Banks after this incident?!"

As one may expect, there are also those speaking out in defense of Sasha Banks who didn't intentionally seek out to end Paige's career. She also didn't intend on injuring her during the match and causing someone so much pain.

On The Enziguri, there was an open letter penned to all the wrestling "fans" who are blaming Paige's injury on Sasha Banks. The letter asks for those fans to knock it off and just realize that this was not done on purpose and that no-one is to actually blame for Paige having to retire from her in-ring WWE career.

Of course, it's always hard to say that anything is final in the world of professional wrestling, and on Friday, Paige finally commented on the situation.

As of right now, it does seem as if Paige's in-ring wrestling career with WWE is over as some are saying she has been forced to retire. After the injury suffered at the Raw live event in December happened, the biggest thing was the concern for how long Paige may be out. After this update on how she may have to go into retirement, fans need someone to blame and they are putting a lot of heat on Sasha Banks. The blame is incredibly misguided, though, and it is causing a number of battles on social media.