January 13, 2018
Donald Trump Reportedly Off Meghan Markle Wedding Guest List: Could Prince Harry Name Obama Best Man?

Meghan Markle's and Prince Harry's wedding guest list has turned into a political firestorm, with speculation about what would happen if the lovebirds invite Barack and Michelle Obama rather than Donald and Melania Trump to their nuptials. The most recent reports claim that Trump is not on the wedding guest list, leaving open the question of whether Obama has received or will get one of the prized invitations.

The specifics of the list have not yet been officially revealed, but an insider was quoted as saying that no reason exists to invite Trump. The Mirror summed up the situation about Harry's and Meghan's wedding decision.

"Donald Trump's name is not on the guest list for the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle... In what will be seen as a tremendous snub to the notoriously-sensitive U.S. President, it looks... as if it will stay that way."
With that announcement, rumors are soaring about the possibility that Obama, known for his friendship with Prince Harry, will not just show up but take on the role of best man on Markle's and Harry's wedding day. Initially, it was thought that because Harry served as Prince William's unofficial best man when William wed Kate Middleton, Harry's brother would return the favor.

Speculation is soaring about who will serve as the best man when Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle.
Speculation is soaring about who will serve as the best man when Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle.

But William revealed that Harry had "not yet" asked him to take on that role when Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot in May. Royal weddings do not have official "best man" titles, adding to the potential for Harry to defy expectations, pointed out the Telegraph.

Prince William Hasn't Been Invited To Be Best Man, Sparking Rumors That Harry Could 'Go Rogue'

Even though William and Harry are famously close, the revelation that Harry has not invited his brother to be his best man has opened the chapel door to seemingly endless rumors.
"The possibility [exists] that Harry is going rogue [with his choice of best man]."
The tasks of a best man may include hosting a stag party, choosing alcoholic beverages, and even humiliating the groom "with an ill-judged speech," pointed out the newspaper. And although it's not likely that William would abandon Kate Middleton in order to flirt with Meghan's maid-of-honor, another best man could add extra drama to the royal wedding.One of Prince Harry's friends from his party years, for example, is Guy Pelly, thought to be a good choice because of his ability to throw a great stag party. But it's the possibility that Harry could select Barack Obama that's causing the biggest stir.

Former President Obama's Chances To Be Best Man: How Would Donald Trump React?

Markle and Harry allegedly have been advised to keep Obama off the wedding guest list in order to avoid even the possibility of annoying Donald Trump. However, Harry and Obama are famous friends.
"Harry and Meghan have reportedly been warned against even inviting Barack Obama to the wedding, for fear of potentially upsetting Donald Trump. [But Harry] and Obama have been kindling a strong bromance over the past two years."
With interviews between the two, videos, and even invitations to visit one another, it's thought that Harry and Obama are so close that the prince might choose the former President as the perfect best man. However, that decision could turn into a Twitter tirade from Trump and subsequent political problems.

Meghan Markle Wants World To Feel Part Of Wedding: Could A Best Man Lottery Be Held?

Harry and Meghan have revealed that they want British residents to feel part of their wedding day. That desire could result in a sort of lottery or ballot system, pointed out the publication.
"Might Harry and Meghan create some kind of ballot system for a lucky 'normal' to stand at their side in St. George's Chapel?"
However, much as Harry and Markle reportedly want the world to experience their joy, it's thought that choosing a member of the public at random isn't likely. Such a move would cause concern about security as well as breaking protocol.

If Prince William isn't chosen and a ballot system concept gets tossed in the trash, Tom "Skippy" Inskip has a chance as Harry's best man. Skippy was with Harry during his "party years" and the infamous nude photos in Las Vegas. He was even there when Harry leaped into a swimming pool with all his clothes on and tossed snowballs from a hotel balcony. That choice could, however, bring more drama than Meghan might want on her wedding day.