Cindy Crawford And Son Presley Gerber To Recreate Supermodel’s Iconic Pepsi Commercial For Super Bowl 2018

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Cindy Crawford is set to recreate her famous 1992 Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi—and this time she has a little help from her son. The supermodel will star in an updated Pepsi ad which will make its debut during Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4. The new ad will include Cindy Crawford’s son, Presley Walker Gerber, as well as footage from Michael Jackson’s iconic 1984 Pepsi commercial, according to AP Entertainment. The new Super Bowl ad is titled “This Is The Pepsi” and is part of the company’s global “Pepsi Generations” campaign that honors the brand’s 120-year history in pop culture.

Twenty-six years ago, Cindy Crawford’s original Pepsi commercial stopped viewers in their tracks. The top supermodel, wearing a tank top and jean shorts, famously pulled up to a gas station in her Lamborghini to buy a can of soda, and then took a long drink as two young boys watched from the sidelines.

Crawford told reporters the 1992 ad “became such a classic for so many reasons.” At the height of her Pepsi campaign, Cindy said she routinely encountered fans that associated her with the soft drink company. Cindy Crawford revealed that she jumped at the chance to return to the Pepsi family with her 18-year-old son, Presley, in the rebooted commercial.

“To this day, people come up to me to talk about how much they loved my original Pepsi spot from ’92,” Cindy said in a statement, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“The commercial was a big moment for me and has spanned generations. I am proud to play a role in this iconic pop-culture phenom and excited for fans to see our new take on the Pepsi spot during Super Bowl.”

Cindy Crawford and Pepsi have gotten a lot of mileage out of their partnership. Not only did Cindy have major pre-social media success with her 1992 Pepsi commercial, but a Diet Pepsi revamp of the sexy spot debuted at the 2002 Academy Awards in honor of the commercial’s 10th anniversary.

Cindy Crawford Diet Pepsi Commercial
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In 2016, Cindy Crawford even starred in a spoof of her famous Pepsi ad with late night host James Corden.

Pepsi posted a teaser of Cindy Crawford’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial, where she appears to stop at the same gas station she was at 26 years ago.


Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber’s kids, Presley and 16-year-old Kaia, have followed in their famous mom’s footsteps. Kaia Gerber first appeared in a campaign for Young Versace when she was just 10-years-old. According to Us Weekly, in 2015, the supermodel spawns famously posed together in a photo spread for CR Fashion Book, where they looked just as comfortable behind the camera as their famous mom. In addition, Us revealed that Cindy Crawford’s kids recently booked a Calvin Klein campaign. There is no word if Kaia Gerber will appear in the 2018 Pepsi ad with her mom and brother.

Cindy Crawford;s kids Kaia and Presley Gerber
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With the new Cindy Crawford commercial ready to roll, it appears Pepsi is doing damage control after last year’s Kendall Jenner disaster. The soda giant was under fire following last year’s Super Bowl ad, which featured the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star offering a can of Pepsi to a hunky police officer during a protest. The protest-themed ad was brutally slammed on social media for making light of real-life movements like Black Lives Matter. The controversial ad was promptly pulled just one day after its disastrous debut, although Pepsi defended the spot in a statement posted on the company’s website, explaining that the global ad reflected “people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony.”

Check out Cindy Crawford’s original Pepsi ad below.