Nicole Kidman Includes Her Children With Tom Cruise In Critics' Choice Awards Speech, Thanks 'All' Her Kids

Nicole Kidman has been sweeping awards for her role as Celeste Wright in HBO's Big Little Lies, but the actress is getting flak for one missing detail at her acceptance speeches. Many noted how Nicole has repeatedly left out her two older children from her thank you speeches at the 2017 Emmy Awards and the recent Golden Globes.

Nicole Kidman has two young daughters, Sunday and Faith, with husband Keith Urban. She also shares two children with Tom Cruise: Isabella, 25, and Connor, 22, who they both adopted while they were still married.

During her acceptance speech at the 2017 Emmy Awards, Nicole thanked her "two little girls" but did not mention her older children. At the recently concluded Golden Globes, the 50-year-old actress skipped Isabella's and Connor's names yet again.

"First cab off the rank, that means my daughters are still awake, so Sunny, Faith, I love you. I'm bringing this home to you babies."
On Thursday, however, Nicole Kidman finally included her children with Tom Cruise when she accepted her Best Actress trophy at the 2018 Critics' Choice. The Oscar winner thanked "all her children" as she went on stage to pick up her award for Big Little Lies.
"I want to thank all of my children who show me so much love."
"I love being an actor. Thank you for letting me do it all the way through to this age and beyond. It really is an incredible honor," the actress concluded.

Nicole Kidman Golden Globe Awards speech
Nicole Kidman accepts the Best Actress for Television-Drama Award at the 2018 Golden Globes.

While many could argue that Nicole Kidman did not really name her children with Tom Cruise, it can be noted that the call out to "all her children" is already inclusive. According to Page Six, the actress may have taken the cue since receiving backlash from angry fans.

"Nicole Kidman's continued refusal to acknowledge that she has more than two children seriously makes me sick," one viewer tweeted after the Golden Globe Awards.

"Just an FYI … Nicole Kidman has 4 children and this is the second time she has made reference at a win to her two daughters," stated another.

According to the Daily Mail, Nicole's refusal to mention her adopted children could be due to the fact that both of them, like Tom Cruise, are Scientologists. After Kidman and Cruise's divorce in 2001, their children stayed in the care of their father and were rarely photographed with Nicole.

Nicole Kidman has two children with Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman and then-husband Tom Cruise with their children, Isabella and Connor.

Former Scientologist Leah Remini reportedly stated in her book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, that Nicole Kidman was likely branded as a "suppressive person," or "SP," by the religion. This means that she may have been forcibly "cut off" from her children.

However, people are not privy to what goes on in Nicole Kidman's personal life and the actress has always spoken about how important motherhood is to her. In 2016, while promoting her movie Lion, Nicole said that the film is her "love letter" to her estranged children.

"I can see now, for Lion, that it was important to me because I'm a mother with adopted children … This movie is a love letter to my children," Kidman stated.