WWE Rumors: 3 Possible Surprise Entrants At The 'Royal Rumble 2018'

The Royal Rumble 2018 promises much more action than the previous editions, mainly due to a first-ever women's Royal Rumble match. Every year WWE throws some unbelievable surprises to shock and awe the WWE Universe, this year will be no different.

With the upcoming Royal Rumble, WWE has an opportunity to make some unpredictable decisions and ensure that the PPV is a huge success. As seen in the recent past, many of the PPVs are becoming too predictable. The Royal Rumble is a perfect opportunity to bring back past superstars, introduce new rivalry among current superstars, and debut upcoming talent on the main roster.

The match card for Royal Rumble 2018 is already packed with action as the likes of John Cena, Shinsuke Nakamura, Asuka, Sasha Banks, and others have already been confirmed as Rumble participants. Additionally, the triple threat match and the handicap match could also be one of the highlights of the event.


Ricochet has been rumored to join WWE for months now. However, it appears that he may debut at the Royal Rumble 2018 following speculations that he is poised to appear on TV from January, as reported by PWInsider. Ricochet has been one of the most talked about wrestlers globally mainly due to his high-flying style.

Ricochet could debut at Rumble 2018

Ricochet was approached by Impact Wrestling, which he reportedly turned down. It is speculated that Ricochet could become a part of NXT. However, given his experience and fame on the independent scene, 205 Live could be his next stop.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has been out of action for the past few months due to his injury, with reports hinting at his return around WrestleMania. So, returning at the upcoming PPV should not be too difficult as WWE is known for giving extended recovery time to surprise the WWE Universe.

It would be interesting to see whether Jeff Hardy returns as himself or Brother Nero. Since Broken Matt Hardy has already made his way to WWE, the arrival of Brother Nero could really alter the storyline. It would be interesting to see if he goes against his brother or teams up with him.

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio, who left WWE on a positive note, is doing extremely well on the independent scene as a free agent. He has had some remarkable matches at AAA Mexico, CMLL, and Lucha Underground. It is speculated that both Impact and WWE have approached Rey, but no official announcement has been made yet by either.

Given that his last Rumble entrance was not a huge success, WWE could change that with his surprise entrance. In an interview with ESPN, when Rey Mysterio was asked about his return at Royal Rumble 2018, he had replied with an intriguing statement, "Never say never, right?" WWE fanned the flames by including Mysterio in a list of superstars fans want to see return in 2018.