January 13, 2018
Donald Trump Must Apologize For 'Sh**hole Countries' Remarks, Says African Union

Following his alleged "sh**hole countries" remarks, President Donald Trump is now facing outrage from African Union countries.

On Friday, African Union Mission in Washington released a statement on Trump's alleged "racist" comments against immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, and African nations.

The group, which represents African countries, was "frankly alarmed" and "outraged" by the president's derogatory remarks on Thursday. According to CNN, the African Union is demanding Trump apologize and retract his controversial comments

In the official statement, the union reiterated that they strongly condemn such remarks, adding that there is a "huge misunderstanding of the African continent and the people by the current administration."

The group also suggested that a dialogue between Trump's administration and African countries must take place to clear the issues once and for all.

"The African Union Mission condemns the comments in the strongest terms and demands a retraction of the comment as well as an apology to not only to the Africans but to all of the people of African descent around the globe."
With the African Union's outrage over Trump's "sh**hole countries" remarks, diplomats and analysts believe it could have a negative effect on U.S. companies doing business in the said countries.
It might also complicate the Pentagon's counterterrorism effort and security cooperation of the said nations. Peter Lewis, director of African Studies at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies, told the outlet that the president's latest comments "fundamentally poisons the relationship with numerous countries."

Aside from the African Union, the Haitian government also expressed outrage of Trump's "abhorrent and obnoxious remarks." In a statement released by President Jovenel Moise, he reiterated that they condemn such remarks, adding that it gives an "erroneous and racist view of the Haitian community."

"The Haitian government condemns in the strongest terms these abhorrent and obnoxious remarks which, if proven, reflect a totally erroneous and racist view of the Haitian community and its contribution to the United States."
President Donald Trump allegedly made racist comments towards developing countries, such as Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador.

Meanwhile, the U.N.'s Rupert Colville, a human rights spokesman for the organization, pointed out that Trump's "racist" comments were "shocking and shameful," especially coming from the president of the United States.

The Vatican also shared the same sentiment and described Trump's remarks as "particularly harsh and offensive."

It can be recalled that on Thursday, Trump reportedly questioned why people from the said nations were brought over to the U.S. and even labeled them as "sh**hole countries."

Democratic Senator Richard Durbin claimed he personally heard the president speak those words, which he described as "hate-filled, vile, and racist."

However, Trump continues to vehemently deny such allegations, claiming that he didn't use the incendiary words. The president clarified that he "never said anything derogatory" about Haitians other than being "very poor and [a] troubled country."