January 13, 2018
'Days Of Our Lives' Weekly Preview: Abigail Finds Andre DiMera Dead, Will She Seek Revenge?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that the week of January 15 is going to be shocking and explosive. A weekly preview clip posted by NBC's official website tease what fans can expect. One character is going to be found dead, and Abigail (Marci Miller) finds the body. How will she react to losing a loved one, and will she try to get revenge?

The preview clip shows that the murder victim is the most hated man in Salem. That individual is none other than Andre DiMera, played by Thaao Penghlis. Head writer Ron Carlivati previously explained that there would be a long suspect list. Who killed the soap opera villain, and how will this change things for the DiMera family?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Andre is killed in the DiMera mansion. So, the killer is probably somebody who had access to the home. Someone who would be able to come and go. A person whose presence at the residence wouldn't be seen as strange. Even though there are dozens of suspects, the murderer is likely somebody that lived at the DiMera mansion.

The weekly preview clip confirms that Abigail finds the body. The loss will devastate her. As unexpected and strange as their bond was, Andre and Abigail were practically best friends. They shared a connection that many people didn't understand. No matter what happened, they always helped and defended each other, even when it didn't make sense.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers previously revealed that Andre was working with Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) and Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher.) However, it was hinted that one person would betray the others. Even though it seems like Andre was setting up Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn,) it is more complicated than that. It is more likely that he was just using Vivian to get control. Once that happened, he would turn the tables on her.

As fans know, Abigail constantly defended Andre to Chad and everyone else. Even when the evidence was stacked against him, she chose to always take his side. Even though some viewers think she was blind to his faults, she was aware of all his flaws. She just chose to focus on the good in him. In a weird way, it was her attempt to turn a villain into a decent man, and it was working.

Abigail is smarter than people think. The strategy to use Stefan's lust to her advantage is an example of this. It was stated in Friday's episode that Abigail is a DiMera. They weren't talking about just her name. She is starting to think like a DiMera and play her cards just right in order to accomplish her goals.

The Hortons may deal with injustice and attacks the moral and legal way. However, the DiMeras handle it by getting vengeance. So, it's not that far-fetched to think that Abigail might turn a bit wicked when Andre is murdered.

Days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.