Stormy Daniels Pictures, Videos Are ‘Breakout’ Google Search Terms After Trump Affair Allegations Emerge

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According to Google Trends, searchers want to know plenty of things about adult film star Stormy Daniels. The top “breakout” phrase of “Stormy Daniels pictures” is one of the most popular search terms being typed into the search engine in the past hour on Friday, January 12. And Stormy has plenty of photos online, such as the above photo from 2006, when Daniels was in Las Vegas at a fashion show.

As reported by Business Insider, Trump allegedly had his lawyer give the porn star $130,000 in order to keep Stormy – who is also known by the names Stephanie Daniels and Stephanie Clifford – quiet. Michael Cohen is Trump’s top attorney with the Trump Organization and also the one who reportedly paid Daniels the large sum of money to buy her silence about a sexual encounter that Stephanie allegedly had with Trump in 2006.

The monetary interaction allegedly took place one month prior to Trump’s 2016 election, according to the Wall Street Journal. The publication noted that Trump married Melania in 2005. As the story of Trump broke, Google reported that certain terms surrounding the porn star started surging in interest. Plenty of those search terms include phrasing that shows folks seeking Stormy sans clothing. Others are searching for the adult film star’s Twitter account or Tumblr page. As expected, other search terms include detailed searches for activities surrounding Daniels’ line of work.

Stormy Daniels Pictures Are 'Breakout' Google Search Term After Trump Affair Allegations Emerge
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More recent photos of Stormy from the Getty Images gallery of photos show the film star’s arrival at the 2017 Adult Video News Awards. Other photos are older, such as the above picture showing Daniels arriving at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in 2008.

According to the Associated Press, Stormy is also no stranger to politics. The description of a photo of Daniels from 2009 states that Stormy stopped her bid to seek a Louisiana Senate sent, considering running as a Republican against David Vitter. The Bayou Brief also reported the news, with Daniels giving up her political ambitions that year.

Meanwhile, Stormy Daniels has become one of the top trending names on Twitter, with more than 20,000 tweets about Daniels being published on the social media network thus far.