Man Hangs Himself After His Wife Wouldn’t Let Him Use The TV Remote, Police Say


A man allegedly committed suicide because his spouse declined to hand over the remote channel-changer while they were watching television in their home, law enforcement officials disclose. The man was tragically found hanging from the ceiling by his wife in the incident that occurred in Bhopal, India.

According to police, the incident occurred after the family had dinner and sat down to watch some TV. When the husband asked his wife to pass along the remote, she refused, and instead told him that he should go take a rest. Cops indicate that’s when he went into the next room and took his own life, the Hindustan Times reported. The 30-year-old man’s suicide by hanging is currently subject to a police investigation. No suicide note was found. The deceased man’s family told authorities that he had a drinking problem and was prone to become agitated over minor issues, the Times noted.

Separately, according to a report in Mashable published several years ago, more than one-third of couples supposedly clash about control over the TV remote, aka the clicker, based on a survey of about 1,000 adults in the U.S. The polling indicated, moreover, that the verbal tug-of-war about the remote is what couples fight about the most in the household. Watching sports content vs. non-sports content created the most discord in the relationship, the data suggested. Given everyday home entertainment technology, the website added that differences between significant others over which TV shows to delete from the DVR when the device gets full could also lead to arguments.

Man commits suicide because he wife won't give up remote
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In an unrelated situation, prosecutors charged an Arkansas man this week with capital murder in a TV-related incident. The suspect allegedly stabbed his wife to death after she changed the TV channel away from the football game he was watching. They allegedly got into a quarrel after he finished his cigarette break and went back inside the home and asked her about the score, having noticed that she had switched to another program. The suspect also allegedly called 911 shortly after the stabbing and informed the dispatcher that the sheriff’s department should respond to the scene with “a meat wagon” because he just killed his wife. Cops said they found the body and a knife in the backyard.