Rob Lowe Calls Out Bella Thorne After Her Insensitive Tweet Following California Mudslides

Isaac BrekkenGetty Images

On January 10, Bella Thorne tweeted about the road closures leading to heavy traffic and delays on the 101 in California. The actress was apparently upset about the fact that she was missing out on the first show of her boyfriend’s current concert tour. The closures stemmed from the deadly mudslides that hit the Montecito area early on Tuesday morning. While the tweet has since been deleted, Rob Lowe apparently took a screenshot of the actress’ tweet and called her out on her insensitivity in a post on Instagram.

According to People Magazine, Lowe responded to the actress on his Instagram, pointing out that tweets like that are the reason why so many people have issues with Hollywood and celebrities. He said it was attitudes like hers that lead to people being unhappy. The actor then said that he was really sorry for all the inconvenience she had to deal with, “we will try to move out our dead quicker.”

After being called out by Rob Lowe, it seems that Bella Thorne deleted her tweet about the traffic and then posted an apology. While the actress did not respond directly to Lowe, in her new tweet, she said that she had finally gotten caught up on the news and learned why the 101 was dealing with such heavy traffic and closures. She made it clear that she had no idea what had happened and she sent out a message to those affected, telling them to “get home to your family safe.”

On his Instagram account, Rob Lowe also shared that there has been more loss and missing friends in the wake of the mudslides. With multiple posts about the devastation in the Montecito area, the actor asked people to “pray for Montecito and know: EVERY day could be your last. Embrace that.”

While Rob Lowe was not the only person to call out Bella Thorne for the tweet that some found to be insensitive, with plenty of people on social media telling her she was out of touch or rude, the actress’ boyfriend defended her against the actor and others on social media. According to the Daily Mail, Mod Sun told Lowe that he was being a bully and asked everyone to just be nice to each other.

Bella Thorne may have deleted her tweet, but with screenshots, it is clear that her seemingly insensitive tweet is here to stay. Although Rob Lowe has not said anything else about Thorne, he continues to share updates about the situation in Montecito and the mudslides that have wreaked havoc on the area.