WWE News: Former Champion In Bad Shape, Legends Ask For Prayers As His Health Continues To Worsen


A former WWF/WWE Tag Team Champion is in desperate need of some prayers and good thoughts as his health is reportedly deteriorating. A number of wrestling legends and icons are speaking out to fans on social media and hoping for well wishes after Fred Ottman’s (Tugboat/Typhoon) health took a serious turn. Just one year ago, Ottman was dealing with medical issues, as well, and he bounced back, but things have become bad again.

Those who are longtime wrestling fans know Ottman best from WWE after his debut as Tugboat in 1989. He ended up forming a partnership with the immortal Hulk Hogan before turning heel and changing his name to Typhoon and teaming up with Earthquake in the Natural Disasters.

Now, as reported by Wrestling Inc., there are some serious health issues for Ottman, and he does not appear to be doing well. Lanny Poffo and Lisa Marie Varon, both former WWE superstars, have reached out to the fans on social media to let the world know what is going on.

As of now, they have not revealed Ottman’s exact problems, but they do hope the fans will keep him in their thoughts.

Last year, around this time, Tugboat was hospitalized, and his wife, Sheila, said that he had been very sick. Ottman had developed a very bad infection, and things were not looking very good at the time of his hospitalization.

Ottman had rebounded and had been doing well after some scary moments, but it appears as if his condition has worsened yet again. He, or someone, has still been posting on his personal Facebook page in the last week or so, but nothing about his health was posted.

Fred Ottman is now 61-years-old and has been retired from in-ring action for more than 15 years, but he still appears at conventions and takes part in signings.

Fred Ottman spent time in WWF/WWE, WCW, and a number of other promotions around the world. He was involved in many big angles as Tugboat and Typhoon, and the champion is still quite young. Just as legends and other wrestling icons are asking, fans should keep him in their thoughts and prayers as he looks to bounce back from another health scare.