Chris Hemsworth And Director Taika Waititi Are Apparently Visualizing What ‘Thor 4’ Might Look Like

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Chris Hemsworth seems to have a lot to be happy about right now. Not only does the actor have his family and health, but his career is continuing to grow as well. With his latest outing as Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, the actor also has a genuine box-office smash on his hands. While it is well-known that Hemsworth’s time as Thor may be coming to an end, especially since his contract only has him playing the character through the fourth Avengers movie, there are plenty of fans who would love to see him continue to play the god of thunder. However, it is not just the fans who want to see Chris Hemsworth continuing in the role of Thor, as the actor himself has shared his own thoughts on his MCU future.

According to USA Today, Hemsworth and Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi actually spent New Year’s with each other, and they spent their time not only ringing in the new year with family but also visualizing what they think could happen in Thor 4. The actor shared that they definitely “gave cheers” over the holiday, but that was not all they did, as both men decided to sit down and talk about the “what-ifs” of a possible fourth movie revolving around Thor.

Although Chris Hemsworth just completed his work on Avengers 4, which means his time as Thor is coming to a close sooner rather than later, this does not mean there is no hope for the future. The actor said that he and the director both gave “cheers to Thor 3,” even as they could not help discussing possibilities. Hemsworth did not want to share what he and Taika Waititi talked about in terms of a potential sequel to Ragnarok, but he did say that they had a lot of ideas that they were tossing back and forth.

Chris Hemsworth explained that one of the big reasons he would love to do another Thor movie was “just to work together again. That was one of the most enjoyable creative partnerships I’ve ever had.” At the same time, it seems that both the actor and the director know that they will have to wait to see what happens until after Avengers 4 is completed. Hemsworth made it clear that his future with the MCU is dependent on how the fourth movie wraps things up because of all the moving parts that are in play. The actor said that he has “finished shooting and now they are going to edit it and see how the stories play out. There are so many interwoven scenes and stories and characters.”

While fans will have to wait to see what happens in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 in order to learn what comes next, it seems that Chris Hemsworth is right there with the fans, waiting to find out what is next, even for his own character. However, if the MCU decides they want to keep Hemsworth on to continue playing Thor, it sounds like there are already some ideas that are ready to go for a fourth solo movie.