Beth Chapman Helps Fan Dealing With Cancer Before Revealing That She’s Sad About Daughter Going Back To School

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If there’s one thing that Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman is, it’s sympathetic.

As the Inquisitr reported a few weeks ago, Beth bravely took to Instagram to share an emotional post with her fans. In the post, Chapman showed the scars from the 13-hour surgery that she underwent to remove a cancerous tumor from her throat. In the photo, Beth bravely showed her scars on her once “perfect” neck, reminding fans that life is fragile.

Since she was first diagnosed with cancer, Beth has continued to use her celebrity status as a beacon of hope for her fans, constantly tweeting about her journey with cancer while also interacting with fans on Twitter who are dealing with cancer battles of their own.

Yesterday, one of Beth’s fans tweeted that she just found out that her fiance has cancer. The fan, who is from Canada, said that she is hanging in there but asked for Beth’s advice on how she was able to beat cancer.

Clearly, that message, in particular, touched Beth as she retweeted the message and asked the fan named Bonnie to send her a direct message.

“Dm me Doll let’s get positive.”

A few of Chapman’s other fans applauded the star for taking time out of her busy schedule to make one fan’s day and help her in what is sure to be a long and hard battle.

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“Beth, you and Dog are awesome,” another fan replied to the message.

Shortly after reaching out to the fan, Beth let fans know that she just dropped off her daughter, who is also named Bonnie, at the airport to go back to college. In the tweet, Beth confessed to fans that she was “heartbroken” to see her baby girl headed back to school.

“Just dropped my Baby Bonnie off at the airport to go back to college so heartbreaking love you google head!”

But just like Beth has empathized with her fans over many things, fans returned the favor by messaging Beth and sharing their similar feelings on dropping off their kids off at school. Many also sent their best wishes to the 50-year-old.

“Where does the time go. I can’t believe little Bonnie is all grown up, even little Gary Boy. Watching you and @Dogthebountyhunter raise such a wonderful family. You both should be so proud.”

“My last one has 1 more year of school rhen he is going into the navy…I’m already having empty nest syndrome so I get it,” another replied.

In all, the tweet gained 257 favorites, eight retweets, and 23 comments.

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And just like her famous parents, Bonnie Chapman already has quite the following on her own Instagram page with over 21,000 followers and growing. Though she does not reveal exactly where she goes to college on her Instagram account, she does say that she currently lives in Colorado.

If Bonnie is anything like her parents, she’s sure to go far in life.