Kim Kardashian & Melissa McCarthy Use Garcinia Cambogia Diet Supplement: Does It Boost Weight Loss?

Kim Kardashian and Melissa McCarthy are known as celebrity weight loss winners. Kardashian and McCarthy shed a combined 145 pounds on ketogenic diets and maintained their weight loss success, as the Inquisitr reported. But the two apparently have something in common beyond those keto diets.

To boost her metabolism, Melissa used a diet supplement. McCarthy consumed garcinia cambogia with each meal, according to Foods For Better Health. Melissa used the supplement with each meal on her high fat, low carb ketogenic diet.

Kim Kardashian Hypes Diet Shakes For Weight Loss

This week, Kardashian revealed that she uses a product containing the same diet supplement. Turning to Instagram, Kim shared that she has faced challenges staying on her diet and exercising during the holiday season, reported Allure.
"These meal replacement shakes are so good and it's helping me get my tummy back to flat in the new year."
Nutritionist Keri Gans talked with the magazine about whether paying $71.20 for the shake's four-week program is worth it. Dieters on the program are instructed to replace one to two meals a day with the Shake It Baby drinks hyped by Kardashian.

Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) Fans Claim Supplement Burns Fat Faster, Cuts Appetite

What's in those shakes that make them so expensive? Each product provides 20 grams of plant-based protein, along with an ingredient called Super CitriMax. The company claims that the ingredient is the key to the Shake It Baby program touted by Kim, making the shakes three times "more effective than diet and exercise alone."
The main ingredient in Super CitriMax is garcinia cambogia, used by McCarthy to help her lose 75 pounds. This fruit contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA).
"HCA fans say the compound boosts fat-burning and reduces appetite."
As to how effective garcinia cambogia actually is when compared to a placebo, the publication warns that no large-scale trials exist to prove or disprove the benefits for weight loss. However, there has been some research.

Diet Supplement Research On Fat-Burning Benefits

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health is cautious about the claims that the diet supplements boost weight loss.

"There's no convincing evidence that garcinia cambogia will help you lose weight or control cholesterol," states the center.

However, a Georgetown University study of 60 people indicated that garcinia cambogia might help with weight loss. Gans contends that the study, along with other research, is still in the preliminary stages.

"Perhaps there is preliminary research that suggests effectiveness, but not conclusive evidence."
With that warning, Gans also acknowledges that dieters who use products such as the Kardashian-recommended Shake It Baby can lose weight. But the nutritionist believes that weight loss resulting from such programs is more apt to be due to factors other than the garcinia cambogia used by Melissa McCarthy, as well as Kim.

Melissa McCarthy lost 75 pounds using a ketogenic diet and a weight loss supplement.
Melissa McCarthy lost 75 pounds using a ketogenic diet and a weight loss supplement.

Diet Supplements Won't Cancel Out Pizza, Fries, And Cheeseburgers

Gans feels that it all comes down to the familiar advice to dieters to eat less, exercise more to lose weight. Although the ingredients listed in Kim's shake product don't seem to be harmful, the nutritionist warned dieters that eating all they want and then drinking a shake won't work for weight loss.
"It's not like somebody can continue eating a cheeseburger, and fries, and pizza…[then] pop this [diet supplement] and expect to lose weight."
As to why diet shakes can work for weight loss, Gans points out that the calories typically add up to less than dieters normally eat. One of Kardashian's meal replacement shakes contains only 130 calories.

Best Diet For Weight Loss

Medscape reported on an analysis of nine clinical trials studying garcinia extract (HCA) for weight loss. It offered some hope, although more research remains to be done to determine if the weight loss lasts and is safe.
"The meta-analysis revealed a small yet statistically significant difference in weight loss in favor of HCA over placebo."
However, the researchers cautioned that there is not enough research to recommend these products for weight loss at this time. Some dieters have experienced adverse effects.

In terms of which diet is the best for weight loss, a recent study showed that the ketogenic diets used by McCarthy and Kardashian burn fat 10 times faster. Searches for keto weight loss plans quadrupled in the past year, as the Inquisitr reported.

Gans recommends taking a long-term approach to weight loss with the focus on developing healthy eating habits. She advises against spending money on products that promise quick results.

"People should save their money for fruits and vegetables. It really is that simple," summed up the nutritionist.

As for Kim Kardashian's meal replacement shake and Melissa McCarthy's diet supplement, Gans suggests that dieters put the focus on eating unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. She urges dieters to consume foods "needed for a healthy body" to feel "great."

However, experts on the ketogenic diet used by Kim and Melissa recommend a different approach. As the Inquisitr reported, following Kardashian's and McCarthy's keto weight loss plan requires boosting fat intake, cutting carbohydrates and eating a moderate amount of protein. The body then goes into a state of metabolic ketosis that boosts fat-burning. Beyonce used this diet to lose 30 pounds in three weeks.