‘Top Chef: Colorado’ Recap: Episode 6 — Who Was Eliminated Tonight?

Viewers got to see the chefs on Top Chef: Colorado make some German-inspired dishes. There were too many schnitzels in the kitchen on Top Chef Season 15, but who was eliminated on Top Chef: Colorado tonight? Find out the Episode 6 results below in our Top Chef spoilers.

Last week on Top Chef Season 15, things picked up from the week before, as Tom Colicchio picked a winner of Last Chance Kitchen. It was Claudette and Lee Anne returning to the competition. From there, the chefs headed out to the woods, as they went camping. They had to create a five-star meal using only camping equipment and limited ingredients. Tu tried to make three different types of rabbit, but the judges said he should have stuck with one type only. Because of that, Tu was eliminated.

Quickfire Challenge

Before heading to the kitchen, Lee Anne was having some issues and the medics came in and took her to the hospital. The chefs headed to the kitchen, as Padma Lakshmi and Richard Blais were waiting. For this challenge, the chefs had to create their own signature dish, which some take days to make, in just 30 minutes. The winning chef got immunity tonight and would be featured in a BuzzFeedTasty video on Facebook.


After tasting all of the dishes, Padma and Richard picked the least favorite dishes, which came from Claudette, Adrienne, and Fatima. The favorite dishes came from Chris, Brother, and Joe. The winning dish came from Chris, who won immunity and the BuzzFeed video.

Elimination Challenge

For this challenge, the chefs had to create a German inspired dish and a radler, which is a 50-50 mix of beer and some kind of soda. They would be creating their dishes for 200 people at a party. The chefs were able to go on a field trip, which allowed them to experience German foods on Top Chef: Colorado.

A Surprised Elimination

It turns out that Lee Anne was suffering from altitude sickness and dehydration. They put her on an IV. Once the chefs got back from prepping for the next day, Lee Anne was back in the house. She said because of this sickness and being pregnant, she did not want to risk things and was taking herself out of the competition, just one week after winning a spot on Top Chef Season 15.


The chefs got their dishes and radlers ready, as the German festival began. The judges arrived and it was time to taste the food.

  • Bruce – Padma said the pork was tender and delicious.
  • Joseph – Tom said he liked there was bitterness to it.
  • Brother – They said the egg roll was tasty, but loses the German feel.
  • Tanya – It was nice and crispy and they liked the flavor.
  • Chris – The sausage was dry, as he purchased it pre-made.
  • Adrienne – Graham said it was the prettiest and most ambitious, but Tom said it needed salt.
  • Fatima – Padma said the sauce is really good and she said good job on the dish.
  • Carrie – Tom said great acid in the dish, but they were not a fan of the radler.
  • Joe – They said the dish was confusing.
  • Claudette – There were a lot of different textures and flavors.
Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Episode 6 Results

Judges’ Table

The judges on Top Chef: Colorado discussed the dishes from tonight. The top dishes came from Bruce, Claudette, and Tanya. The winning dish tonight came from Tanya, who was shocked by this win. The least favorite dishes of the night came from Brother, Joe, and Adrienne. The judges wanted a German dish and they feel they did not get that from Brother, so he was eliminated tonight and made his way to Last Chance Kitchen.

Top Chef Season 15 airs on Thursday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.