Former ‘American Gods’ Boss Bryan Fuller Might Be New Head Writer For Anne Rice’s ‘Vampire Chronicles’ TV Show

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Bryan Fuller might be one of the most respected producers in the industry, but there was once a time when the former American Gods showrunner was a teenager with big ideas. As it turns out, Fuller may have kickstarted the plan to make a film adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. Although the boy never got to do what he wanted with the novel, Fuller is getting an awesome second chance now that he is working with Rice on the Vampire Chronicles TV series.

Fans of sensuously macabre TV shows are already aware of Bryan Fuller’s talent. He has churned out dark comedies like Pushing Daisies and brought Hannibal Lecter’s story to the small screen. Interestingly, it has been revealed that Fuller had a truly inspired idea to bring Lestat de Lioncourt to the silver screen when he was a teenager. Not surprisingly, The Vampire Chronicles author Anne Rice has found the best possible way to reconnect with her young fan.

Christopher Rice recently posted on the Vampire Chronicles official Facebook page, sharing the story of how Bryan Fuller had called his mother to pitch his idea for Interview with the Vampire. Anne Rice’s son then confirmed that the ex-American Gods executive producer is officially part of the creative team behind the planned Paramount TV series.

“It’s our great pleasure to officially announce that Bryan has become a member of the creative family working to bring the story of the vampire Lestat to television.”



But could this mean that Bryan Fuller is being considered as the Vampire Chronicles showrunner? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anne Rice is set to be executive producer, while Christopher will be the showrunner of the highly anticipated horror drama. Nevertheless, fans are hoping Fuller will be declared head writer and possible executive producer of the series.

Anne Rice is working with Brian Fuller on the 'Vampire Chronicles' TV series.
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Bryan Fuller’s involvement in the Vampire Chronicles TV show was met with much enthusiasm from Anne Rice fans. After all, the genius behind Hannibal has a knack for stunning imagery and intelligent writing. Hopefully, Fuller will bring his magic touch to every episode of Lestat’s TV series.

The Vampire Chronicles is still in the early stages of development and an air date has not yet been announced. Bryan Fuller recently left American Gods Season 2 due to “creative difference.”