Chris Brown Allegedly Preventing Rihanna Wedding To Hassan Jameel, Hoping For Reconciliation After Split

Theo WargoGetty Images

Chris Brown doesn’t want Rihanna marrying Hassan Jameel, reportedly having said that the billionaire businessman isn’t anywhere near the man that he is.

Chris is definitely aware of his ex-girlfriend’s new romance with Jameel, and though he has tried to keep his cool over it, there’s no doubt that Brown feels somewhat angered by the fact that Rihanna has been seeing someone since the summer and now marriage is being mentioned.

Back in December, the Bajan-beauty was seen with a diamond on her wedding ring finger, which made fans wonder whether her wealthy partner had splashed out a fortune to present the “Only Girl” hitmaker with an engagement ring.

Supposedly, though, reports later went on to stress that Rihanna was not engaged — yet. If Jameel had popped the question, Rihanna would not have been wanting to keep such a big announcement a secret from her fans, friends, and family.

With that said, Hassan and Rihanna are getting real close, and there’s even a chance that the billionaire will propose for real this time, but Chris Brown is telling friends that they’ll never get married because Jameel isn’t the right one for her.

Apparently, in Chris Brown’s mind, as the outlet notes, the R&B singer is still hoping that he will eventually find himself reconciling with his former partner, whom he hasn’t been romantically linked to in well over three years.

Chris Brown still has feelings for Rihanna, and that shouldn’t be downplayed. Nobody in Chris’ eyes could treat the singer better than he can, which the outlet argues isn’t exactly true, otherwise Rihanna would have already reunited with her former beau.

Over the weeks, sources have claimed that Rihanna is beyond happy with Jameel. They are keeping their romance very much on the low because they don’t want any interference from photographers who follow their every move.

Rihanna is loving the privacy she has in her new relationship with Jameel; it makes the relationship feel that much more authentic and she couldn’t be happier.

Chris Brown, on the other hand, will not give up on his hopes to one day find himself reconciling with Rihanna if she was to ever consider the idea again.