Is Kenya Moore Drinking Thinning Tea While Pregnant With Her First Child?

Joe ScarniciGetty Images for Mercedes-Benz

Kenya Moore is keeping a lot of secrets from fans, and her wedding was one thing that shocked everyone. Last summer, Kenya surprised everyone when a story surfaced that she had gotten married to a mystery man. People were shocked because many thought she was single after the Matt Jordan abuse drama. Moore hadn’t told anyone that she was dating a new man. Even her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars had no idea that she was dating someone. When the show started, the women questioned when they were going to meet the mystery man, but Kenya decided to keep his silence. Now, Kenya has teased that she may be pregnant after being spotted outside of a fertility clinic.

According to a new Instagram post, Kenya Moore is sharing a photo of her stomach. For weeks, people were convinced that she was pregnant. She has often fueled these rumors by only sharing photos of her face. She has often hidden her tummy in photos, but this week, Kenya shared a photo of herself showing off her tummy. In the photo, she’s promoting a thinning tea, and fans are quickly judging her because they think she may be pregnant. She has been spotted at a fertility clinic, so some people believe that she could be doing IVF.

On Instagram, people were quick to judge Kenya, asking her to drop the thinning tea while she’s pregnant. Moore hasn’t confirmed that she’s pregnant, so it’s possible that she’s not with child and can easily drink the tea. There is a chance that Kenya’s photo is an older photo. There’s also a possibility that she just took the photo a while back but never actually consumed the tea. Regardless, she’s sending the message that she’s drinking the tea, so it’s natural that people are reaching out to her in concern. If Kenya is indeed pregnant, she may not share the news on the show. She kept the wedding a secret, and it may be easier to keep a pregnancy secret.

Kenya Moore is currently on hiatus from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Moore may be planning on returning to the show next year but don’t expect her pregnancy journey to be in focus on the show.