Corey Feldman Denies Sexual Battery Charge: Actor Claims He Was Framed To Silence Him, Goes On A Twitter Rant

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Corey Feldman’s war on alleged child molesters in Hollywood just took a shocking turn. According to TMZ, a woman has accused Corey of sexual battery. Los Angeles Police Department reported that a woman walked into the station on Monday and filed a report. She alleged that Corey “grabbed her butt” in 2017. The LAPD is taking the accusation seriously and will investigate the matter.

Many of the recent #MeToo stories will not lead to a police investigation, as too much time has passed. However, this case is within the statute of limitations, so the police will look into the claims.

Not long after the sexual battery report against Feldman came to light, the actor turned to Twitter to rant about the “bogus” story. He claims that he is innocent and wrongfully accused of sexual battery, and he believes they won’t stop until they can silence him.

Feldman has talked about an alleged child molestation problem in Hollywood for years. He suggested that the reason he cannot find work in Hollywood because he is vocal about stopping the sexual abuse.

Just one day before the police investigation came out, Corey tweeted that “a very organized cell planned to frame him with lies and brainwashing tricks.” He added that he is fighting a war against inappropriate behaviors against all human beings. The last thing he would want to do is taking advantage of another person. He assured his followers that his attorney was dealing with the allegations at the moment.


Feldman shifted his message to encourage his followers to press forward in calling for a change in Hollywood to make it a safer place for young boys and girls to work.

A representative for Corey said that the actor was confident that the motives behind this false accusations would be revealed.

“He is confident that the motives behind these false accusations will be revealed and that the truth will prevail. He also thanks his fans for their continued love, support, and belief in him,” Feldman’s rep told Pop Culture.


Two months ago, Corey filed a sexual assault report in Los Angeles, but the police dropped the case as the statute of limitation had expired.

Last year, Corey Feldman went on a mission to reveal alleged child molesters in Hollywood. Corey believes that they are trying to silence him by turning people against him with these false accusations.