Leah Messer Provides More Details About Her Devastating Loss: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Proves She’s A Great Friend

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Leah Messer announced yesterday that she had gone to a funeral, but she didn’t provide many details about who she had lost. Messer continued to tweet and share things on social media, so one can imagine it wasn’t a devastating personal loss for her. However, Leah is now providing some details about the tweet she shared yesterday. Messer had merely written that funerals suck, but she never explained to what she was referring. As it turns out, Leah did lose someone close to her, but it wasn’t a family member. She was supportive of her best friend, who has been on Teen Mom 2 several times.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now providing more details about the devastating loss. It wasn’t someone in Leah’s family who passed away, but it sounds like it could have been her best friend’s grandmother. On her Instagram post, Leah revealed that Kayla’s grandmother was a mother to many and she shared a photo of them together. It sounds like Messer has been around her several times. The photo she shared shows a very young Leah, so it’s possible she went to the funeral to say her own goodbyes, rather than just supporting her best friend.

Kayla Roush is Leah Messer’s best friend. She had filmed the show several times, including when Leah was choosing to end her marriage to Corey Simms. Kayla has always been a voice of reason, and she has often seen Leah’s side of the argument, but she also provided Messer with something to think about. She hasn’t filmed with Messer over the past couple of seasons, but it sounds like their friendship is still strong. It’s admirable that she’s taking time to be there for her friend, as she’s been busy with her children, her filming for MTV, and her education. Leah may provide details about all of these things when the show returns.

Leah Messer may not choose to feature the funeral on Teen Mom 2, but it could be mentioned if it ends up being a big storyline for her. MTV hasn’t announced the premiere date for the new season, but it could occur in the spring.