‘Little People, Big World’: Son Of Matt Roloff’s Girlfriend Allegedly Addicted To Drugs

Matt Roloff/Facebook

In a surprising yet unconfirmed piece of news, the family of Matt Roloff’s girlfriend and former farm manager is apparently dealing with a drug crisis. Caryn Chandler’s daughter Brittany recently revealed on social media that her younger brother, Connor, is struggling with drug addiction.

Brittany, 21, supposedly first talked about her brother’s drug addiction in October via Instagram, according to Radar Online. Brittany said that Connor, 19, was abusing prescription drugs and may be dealing drugs, as well.

“Tonight and most nights, I fall asleep wondering where my brother is, if he’s safe, and what tomorrow will bring,” Brittany wrote on Instagram. “The heavy misuse of prescription drugs and opportunity to deal has turned my brother into someone I hardly even recognize anymore.”

“I struggle to understand what this epidemic has become and why it has to be this way.”

The grave accusation was posted in October of last year. After that, Connor apparently reunited with his family, but it was short-lived. Brittany, who once worked on Roloff Farms, said in a recent post that Connor was back on drugs.

“My brother… is once again consumed by addiction,” the young Chandler said.

Caryn, 49, has yet to respond to these accusations.

Matt recently traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, to enjoy its warm weather and to spend some time with Caryn. It is not clear, however, if his visit had anything to do with the supposed drug issues surrounding the Caryn and her family, especially since Connor is apparently in Portland, Oregon.

The rumor that Connor is struggling with drug addiction may just be another case of “fake news,” as no one from the Chandler family has yet to step up to either confirm or deny the rumor.

Matt expressed his dismay on Facebook recently about what he called the “Roloff family fake news.” Matt pointed out that everyone in the family, including Caryn, Jacob’s girlfriend Isabel Rock, and Amy’s boyfriend Chris Marek, are all working together to overcome their differences and show everyone “how an American family can function together.”

It may be recalled that there were rumors a few weeks ago that some members of the Roloff family are in a feud of some sort, according to In Touch Weekly. Jacob and Audrey, in particular, are supposedly in a silent feud after it was discovered that the youngest son of Matt and Amy unfollowed his sister-in-law on Instagram. While Jacob and Audrey may have their differences of opinion, it is unlikely that they would let that get in the way of their relationship. As a matter of fact, the rumor may have been debunked after Audrey attended the 21st birthday party Amy arranged for Jacob on Monday.

Matt may also be alluding to the rumor that he was banned by Amy from attending the party. As mentioned, Matt was in Arizona, which may explain why he was not home to celebrate Jacob’s birthday.

With regards to the drug addiction rumors, the allegation is something not to be taken lightly, as Matt learned from his own experience. If the rumor is true, Matt is in a good position to help the young man out as the Little People, Big World star dealt with the same problem early in his life.

Matt revealed in his memoir, Against Tall Odds: Being a David in a Goliath World, that he had a drug problem in his younger years, as reported in another Radar Online story. In the 1980s, Matt experimented with different drugs, including cocaine.

“I started smoking things I shouldn’t smoke, then worked up to even harder drugs, including cocaine,” Roloff said.

“I just liked trying different things in life and was stupid enough to go a little further than I knew I should,” Matt continued.

Matt also shared that he got so hooked on drugs that he “ended up in deep debt.” Fortunately for the reality star, he eventually overcame his drug addiction with the help of his family and friends.