Jenelle Evans Promotes A Product, But Her Ad Is A Flop And Fans Have A Good Laugh

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Jenelle Evans is currently spending time in North Carolina at her country house, and it sounds like she’s enjoying more time with her family after she shut down her social media accounts last year. Jenelle was furious with the way MTV was portraying her on the show, and she decided to shut down everything she had going, except for Instagram. Many expected that she kept her Instagram profile open because she was doing advertisements for companies so she could make money. Even though she has slowed down on her posting, she continues to share advertisements for other companies. She keeps some of the ads up, but she has been deleting the ads for a cheating app, where people can bust their spouses for cheating.

This week, Jenelle decided to post a video of her preparing a Flat Tummy Shake It Baby drink, and she’s pouring the powder into the blender, which already has some water in it. According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans’ video cuts short before she’s done preparing the drink. Maybe this was the look she was going for, but several fans pointed out that Jenelle’s video was flawed, as her blender didn’t have a blade in it. In fact, she wouldn’t be able to blend the drink at all. Rather than do the video over, it sounds like Jenelle is settling with the incomplete video.

Several other fans pointed out that she had promoted this product for months, but they didn’t see any changes in her body. She claims she’s using the product to shed the weight she gained during her pregnancy with Ensley. Ensley is almost 1, but fans have been harsh in pushing her to shed the weight. While Jenelle Evans claims she’s done having children, many people suspect that she could be pregnant because they reportedly keep seeing a baby bump. However, the baby bump could merely be her tummy from her third pregnancy.

Jenelle Evans may be filming Teen Mom 2 these days, even though she has threatened to leave the show behind several times. She claims she’s constantly being portrayed in a negative light and she wants more respect from producers.