‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Calls Out ‘Fake News,’ Says Family Works Together Despite Differences

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Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff called out “fake news” on social media on Wednesday night and put to rest the rumors surrounding the Roloff family. Matt Roloff spent some time in Arizona recently for the warmer weather, and just in that short amount of time, several new rumors had surfaced that led to more fake news about the extended Roloff family. Taking to his personal Facebook account just hours ago, Matt shared that he had “just got caught up on” the newest Roloff family fake news.

The beloved Little People, Big World family from Oregon has a large fan base worldwide since the Roloff family has been on the small screen off and on for over the last decade. In Matt Roloff’s recent rant about fake news surrounding his growing family, the 56-year-old Roloff family patriarch also hinted that his family’s TLC reality TV series is set to return again in just a “few short months.” With the return of LPBW, Matt Roloff promised fans that they will finally get to see the truth about the six original Roloffs, as well as the newest members of the Roloff family.

Just within the last few years, the Roloff family has grown from just Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob to adding two new wives, one new husband, one boyfriend, one girlfriend, and two Roloff grandbabies — and don’t forget Jacob’s longtime girlfriend Izzy. Unfortunately, with the fame of being on TV for so long comes a large number of fans who naturally want to read and keep up with everything they can pertaining to the Roloffs and their new life after divorce, marriages, and grandkids, whether it’s true or not true.

Fans will read rumors, and the Roloff family has been hit with their fair share over the years, especially after the youngest member of the Roloff family, Jacob Roloff, made waves against Little People, Big World and left the show completely when he turned 18-years-old in 2016 for Season 10. Around that same time, Matt and Amy Roloff were having relationship problems and finally announced they were divorcing in 2015. The much-loved LPBW couple’s divorce was finalized in 2016, shocking loyal fans, even though they had squabbled on-screen since their reality TV show premiered back in 2006.

The Roloff family name has made tabloid news for one reason or another for the past several years, and Matt Roloff finally addressed the fact that fake news is still “alive and well.” Fans follow many of the members of the Roloff family via social media to find out straight from them what’s going on in their busy lives on and off Roloff Farms. Unfortunately, however, comments from fans on social media sometimes also lead to more speculation, drama, and fake news about the Roloffs. Sometimes, all it takes is one post from any one of the seven members of the Roloff family currently active on social media to make the rumors start circulating.

For example, Matt Roloff posted a short Instagram video a few days ago while he was visiting the warm state of Arizona with girlfriend Caryn that quickly turned into a rumor that he was leaving Roloff Farms, which true fans of Little People, Big World know that he would never do. One other social media post celebrating the start of a new year by Roloff family matriarch Amy Roloff, 53, on one of her Facebook accounts also quickly led to a rumor that Jacob and Izzy were expecting or had already delivered the third Roloff grandbaby, which Izzy addressed recently, according to CafeMom.

Still yet, another Facebook post by Amy showing some members of the Roloff family, minus her ex-husband Matt, celebrating Jacob’s upcoming 21st birthday early led to rumors that Amy had banned Matt from the party. Matt Roloff isn’t going to miss his “last baby” turning 21 and shared on Wednesday that he made it back to Roloff Farms to celebrate Jacob’s birthday on his birthdate of January 17.

Those are just a few examples of the rumors that led to the fake news that Matt Roloff called out on one of his Facebook accounts just hours ago, saying that despite “broken misleading headlines,” the non-traditional and extended Roloff family manages to “function together despite a few minor differences.” Matt Roloff made it back to Roloff Farms from his short vacation to Arizona and has posted several times on Facebook in less than 24 hours, including one video each of both of his grandbabies, Jackson and Ember, who Matt says he had “withdrawals” from while he was away and “looking for warmer weather” in Arizona.

Fans of Little People, Big World love to read, view, and watch posts on social media from members of the Roloff family, but the Hollywood Gossip wrote on Wednesday that those same fans and followers usually find reasons to post their grievances about the Roloffs in the comments section of social media posts. Comments and questions from fans on social media posts from members of the Roloff family are usually what stirs up the rumors and speculation that leads to the “fake news” that Matt recently made reference to.

“Are you buying a house?”

“Please tell me you aren’t leaving the farm.”

“3 grandbabies? Where did the third one come from?”

“Looks like Jacob and his girlfriend has a baby.”

“Matt was invited to his sons party?”

While the Roloff family usually addresses dramatic, misleading, and negative comments on their social media posts, some fans of Little People, Big World think that the comments on social media should be disabled to “make room for more great pics” and posts from the Roloffs.

Comments on Matt Roloff’s recent Facebook post calling out the never-ending Roloff family fake news say that they don’t “believe the rubbish that gets printed on here” and that they love Matt’s “positive attitude.” Other comments suggest that “people need to mind their own business.”

Matt Roloff also promised Little People, Big World fans “many more” surprises from the Roloff family “on the horizon,” which will inevitably lead to more rumors from fans who are already commenting that they are “waiting patiently for the surprise.”

One comment wrote, “Evidently, there’s some big news coming in a few months!”