Kate Middleton Vs. Meghan Markle: The Meghan Effect Is Taking Over And Duchess Kate Impacted

Dominic LipinskiGetty Images

Royal watchers and enthusiasts are not strangers to the “Kate effect,” a phenomenon that sees multitudes snapping up any garment, beauty product, household or parenting item that Duchess Kate Middleton is spotted wearing or said to have purchased. The royal beauty has put designers on the map and helped businesses reach ultimate recognition, simply by making purchases.

Since Prince Harry began dating Suits star Meghan Markle, the beauty has been compared to Kate in a number of ways from her fashion sense to her demeanor when faced with crowds and the usual media circus which follows the royal family on the regular.

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are preparing for a walk down the aisle, after an official engagement announcement was made last month, all eyes seem glued to the American star, which has shifted the spotlight off Kate. It’s likely a refreshing break for the duchess, who is currently pregnant with she and Prince William’s third child.

While the Kate effect is still strong and true with royal enthusiasts, a new effect is taking hold. The Meghan effect has now begun as the masses observe and study the beauty regarding the clothing Markle dons, her hairstyles, and the products the humanitarian opts for.

As the Daily Mail notes, Meghan Markle has revamped her look since she and Harry became engaged.

“Meghan, 36, already has an army of style devotees who follow her every outfit, but appears to have swapped her once casual wardrobe for a more demure look since moving into Kensington Palace. Covered head to toe, her Nottingham ensemble was a departure from her usual uniform of puffa jackets, parkas, and beanies.”

One item that Markle recently sported, which has caught the attention of fans and followers, in addition to other public figures, such as Kate Middleton herself, is the gorgeous navy maxi-length coat by Mackage — a Canadian brand — while at the charity fair with Prince Harry last month. The beauty turned heads with her chic look and since this point, Middleton stepped out in a similar coat by Hobbs & Gianna, demonstrating that she and Markle’s fashion sense are not all that different.

Although Meghan Markle has been under scrutiny from the point that Prince Harry announced they were an item a little over a year ago, as E! Online relayed, it seems that royal enthusiasts are growing fond of the beauty who is clearly falling into the royal lifestyle splendidly. It certainly has helped matters that Markle was already accustomed to the spotlight due to her line of work in the entertainment business.