Kelly Clarkson Slammed After Revealing She Spanks Her Daughter

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Kelly Clarkson is receiving some serious backlash after revealing last week that she’s “not above” spanking her 3-year-old daughter River when she needs to be disciplined. After she made the controversial punishment confession during a radio interview, a slew of social media users voiced their opinions on Kelly’s parenting decision, and it’s safe to say that not everyone agrees with the singer’s choice.

A flurry of comments flooded in from other parents who were quick to share their opinions on spanking their children, with many calling out Kelly.

Several disgruntled parents took to Twitter to make their feelings known, including @scarlettroseV who claimed that they believe spanking children as a deterrent is both “disgusting” and “unacceptable.”

“Spanking is disgusting, unacceptable and is a basically a form of physical violence and is abuse,” they tweeted to the “Love So Soft” singer after reading her comments. “Continuing violent disciplinary fear tactics instead of teaching is frankly abuse apologist and triggering to abuse survivors.”

“All spanking does is teach kids that violence solves problems, if you want her to fear you congrats you have succeeded,” @Hebrewsauce then hit back on the 280-character site, tagging Kelly in the tweet after she opened up about her parenting techniques in the recent radio interview. “There is never a reason to be violent towards your kids. Knock it off.”

The backlash Kelly received was so intense that Us Weekly reported that others called the former American Idol winner – who’s joining the cast of The Voice Season 14 in February – a “lazy” parent.

The site also cited a report by The American Academy of Pediatrics which recommends parents and caregivers “do not spank or use physical punishments” with children because it allegedly teaches “aggressive behavior.”

However, despite the pretty intense backlash from some social media users, others were quick to defend Clarkson on the social media site and voiced their support for the deterrent.

Kelly Clarkson put on serious blast for spanking her daughter
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“She is ABSOLUTELY right!! There’s nothing wrong with spanking a child to correct bad behavior,” said Twitter user @LaniePruitt612 of Kelly, as fellow social media fan @JerryGimp then added in Clarkson’s defense, “Just saw some people on TV condemning Kelly Clarkson for spanking her kids. The hell? Man why are we getting so soft? Let the woman discipline her kids how she sees fit. #smh.”

“I don’t understand why moms are attacking Kelly Clarkson for spanking HER child,” said another of the “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” singer after she opened up about her parenting decisions. “She clarified that she doesn’t beat or abuse her child. Mind your business and focus on parenting YOUR kids.”

As Inquisitr previously reported, Clarkson said during a radio interview last week that she spanks her daughter when she misbehaves and noted that she too was spanked as a child but still turned out “fine.”

Kelly hasn’t yet publicly addressed the intense backlash or the support she’s been getting from other parents following her recent interview, however, this isn’t the only time in recent days that the star has been called out by fans over her controversial remarks.

Clarkson also felt the heat from social media users this week after she slammed President Donald Trump backstage at the 2018 Golden Globes, where she joked during an interview with E! following the awards that she’d “vote for anyone” to replace the current president after being asked if she’d support Oprah Winfrey should she decide to run for office in 2020.