‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 123 Spoilers: Vegeta’s New Transformation Stronger Than Goku’s SSJ Blue Kaioken

Phát HữuFlickr/Public Domain

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 featured the first faceoff between Vegeta of Universe 7 and Jiren The Gray of Universe 11. As expected, the Saiyan Prince was unable to defeat the strongest mortal with just Super Saiyan Blue. The latest DBS spoilers give a major hint on Vegeta’s new transformation which could be more powerful than Son Goku’s Super Saiyan Kaioken x20.

Vegeta finally had the opportunity to face the mortal stronger than the God of Destruction, Jiren. The Saiyan Prince managed to observe the difference between his power and Jiren’s. He described the enemy’s energy as the strongest and heaviest he ever felt. Still, he succeeded to find ways to give Jiren the taste of the power of a Saiyan royalty.

Vegeta’s Final Flash left Jiren lying on the ground for seconds, but when he stood up, the Saiyan Prince suffered an embarrassing defeat. While Vegeta is wounded, Son Goku will continue his battle against Jiren in Dragon Ball Super Episode 123. Son Goku will attack the enemy at full power.

Son Goku will also try using Destructo Discs but as expected, such a trick won’t work against Jiren. Without the help of Ultra Instinct, the strongest mortal proved to be too much to handle for the Universe 7’s Saiyan.

In the spoiler posted by Ken Xyro, Vegeta will manage to return to action in the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super. However, this time, he will be showcasing a new transformation – still a “blue glow” but more powerful than his previous Super Saiyan Blue state.


The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 also revealed that Vegeta will be able to go beyond his Super Saiyan Blue state. So far, it remains a mystery how powerful the new transformation is, but it’s expected to be stronger than Son Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20. As most people think, Vegeta needs to attain such power in order to give Jiren a decent fight.

So far, there is no official confirmation if it’s the same as Son Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Whis revealed in the previous episode that Vegeta is fighting Jiren to achieve the technique power popular among the gods. By observing the latest Dragon Ball Super spoilers, there is a huge similarity in the eyes of Son Goku and Vegeta, which could be a huge sign that the Saiyan Prince also achieves an incredible power-up.


Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.