Kim Kardashian Shows Off Curves As She's Told To 'Put Some Pants On' In New Ad Post

Kim Kardashian seems to be on the receiving end of some negative attention this week.

The 37-year-old took to social media to promote her partnership with Flat Tummy Co. as she she posed in an industrial kitchen.

The soon-to-be mother of three opted to showcase her curves in a white ensemble as she sported a crop top and bikini style bottoms.

However, it's not her toned figure that has Instagram users talking as people comment their opinions on Kim's Tuesday post.

One commenter blatantly told Kardashian to put some pants on, while another social media user said she's on their list of people they never want to see in underwear.

"Top ten people I never want to see in underwear...Kim's on the top of the list. Her plastic surgeon is a jerk."
One person in particular even questioned if Kardashian has any self-respect as she once again posed wearing minimal clothing.

While some fans focused on Kim's attire, or lack thereof, TMZ quoted others as focusing on her photoshoot set instead.

TMZ reported on Kim's post as the site states it seems people are focused on other things rather than her physical attributes.

The site says fans weighed in to comment on the size of appliances in the commercial kitchen as well as the cleanliness of the floors instead of focusing on what Kim was trying to sell— a weight loss shake.
"Apparently, it's come to that -- fans are so accustomed to seeing Kim's smoking hot body, they'd rather focus on appliances. Go figure."
It seems readers are too busy discussing why Kardashian is standing barefoot on a dirty kitchen floor instead of complimenting her curvaceous figure.

Meanwhile, Elite Daily also picked up the story as one writer questioned if Kim's Flat Tummy shake really works and if it's healthy.

While the article states the shakes are full of artificial ingredients and aren't sustainable long term, the writer also brings up the fact Kardashian is awkwardly standing in an industrial kitchen.

"I'm not really sure why the weird, industrial looking kitchen was her backdrop of choice..."
However critical some are of Kim's post, there are plenty of people who enjoyed seeing it.

In just 24 hours, Kardashian's ad received more than 3.1 million likes as her fans left compliments in the comment section.

Some stated she looks amazing for being a mother of two, as others defended her choice of social media posts.

Recently, Kim stirred up some controversy after posing nude in a photo she shared to Instagram.

StyleCaster reported on the drama as the site states Kardashian is being "mommy shamed" by those questioning her decision to post such an image.

Despite not everyone loving the post, the article states Kim still looks good despite her haters.

It appears the same thinking will be applied to her more recent post as Kardashian once again drums up negative remarks over social media.