Beth Chapman Returns To Instagram With Adorable Photo After Engaging In Epic Twitter War With Politician

Frank MicelottaAP Images

Beth Chapman was noticeably absent from Instagram for over a week, something particularly unusual for the reality star. Beth’s only post of 2018 came on New Year’s Day when she shared a portrait displaying scars on her neck from when she underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. The bounty hunter hasn’t shared any photos on Instagram since the emotional post but finally returned to her fans Wednesday night.

Beth shared a photo of her dog Duke sitting on a couch, and fans were happy to have another post from their favorite reality star.

“I adore this lil nut ball,” Beth captioned the photo. She often shares photos of her dogs on her Instagram page, including her bulldog and Shih Tzu. Duke is an English bulldog/chihuahua mix and is always complimented on his stocky frame and short legs.

It wasn’t long before fans began filling the comment section with compliments for Duke. While many noted his sweet face, others dedicated their comments to Beth herself.

“I pray for you and your family,” one user admitted regarding Beth’s cancer recovery. Others wished Beth a healthy 2018 as she began her year cancer-free. In just an hour, the photo had over 3,000 likes.

Beth hasn’t been absent from all social media lately, as she has recently been engaged in a Twitter war with California Assemblyman, Rob Bonta. Rob represents the 18th assembly district which includes Oakland, Alameda, and San Leandro. Beth has been battling with the politician over SB10, which he co-wrote.

SB10 would allow pretrial releases for arrested individuals, based upon a risk assessment test. Beth and her husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman, believe this new law will release dangerous criminals on the street when they should be kept in jail before their trial. The Chapman’s feel the law is too risky and puts civilians at risk, while not even solidifying that the arrested individual would show up for court.


Beth and Rob exchanged dozens of tweets on Saturday where both parties firmly stood their ground. Things got very tense between the duo, where Rob and Beth battled over risk assessments and if they actually work.

The two eventually settled down, but Beth continued to re-tweet support from fans and friends who are on her side regarding SB10. The 50-year-old wants the bill thrown out, but it could go into effect on January 1, 2020.