Charles Manson’s Prison Penpals Are Fighting Over His Dead Body

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Getty Images

Charles Manson died almost two months ago but his body is still locked away in a California morgue. That’s because more than one of Manson’s prison penpals claim that they have the right to take home the corpse. According to Radar Online, legal documents indicate that one penpal, Michael Channels, went before a judge at the Superior Court in Los Angeles to assert his rights to the infamous sociopath’s remains.

Channels has claimed that he is the rightful beneficiary of Manson’s estate and that he has a will to prove that claim. But the court informed him that he had to file a new petition and request to receive the legendary criminal’s remains. His next court date is on January 26. Channels has said that his goal is to cremate Manson’s body and scatter his ashes in the desert.

But the 52-year-old man isn’t the only person vying for Manson’s dead body. According to Radar, two other prison penpals have joined the fight. Charles Manson’s grandson, Jason Freeman, 41, also says that he’s the beneficiary while two other unidentified persons have made the same assertion.

Charles Manson was a cult leader who orchestrated multiple murders in Hollywood in 1969. His cult was responsible for the death of actress Sharon Tate — who was pregnant at the time — and six others.


As Biography notes, he was convicted in 1971 and he received the death penalty. However, the sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1972.

The “Family,” as Manson’s cult was called, consisted of 100 male and female followers who embraced his message that he was Jesus and that there was an impending race war. According to Biography, they lived communally on a ranch in the San Fernando Valley and consumed a consistent diet of hallucinogenic mushrooms and LSD. Manson’s cult featured a core group of his most ardent followers, most of whom were young women. Many of the cult members who committed the murders were female and a part of this hardcore group.

Manson drew his last breath on November 19, 2017. Unlike the victims of his murderous cult, he died of natural causes. Shortly before his death, he was admitted to the hospital but details about his health weren’t released.