Charlie Daniels Tweets Warning To Taco Bell About The Illuminati

Amy HarrisInvision/AP Images

Anyone familiar with Charlie Daniels knows that the epic fiddler has an issue with the Devil — his 1979 hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” made that much clear. However, what people may not know is that the Devil isn’t the only (likely fictitious) boogeyman who the country music legend is giving its due. As Fox News reports, Charlie Daniels also has a bit of respect for the shadowy secret society known as the Illuminati, and he thinks Taco Bell should, too.

Indeed, Daniels is so concerned about the Illuminati that he issued a warning to Taco Bell, which mocks the so-called secret society in a new series of ads promoting its $1 menu. In a Monday night tweet, Daniels took to Twitter to call out and presumably warn Taco Bell that the Illuminati is no joke, not even when given a quirky new Taco Bell-friendly name.

Taco Bell’s new ad campaign features a faux, Illuminati-esque secret society dubbed the “Belluminati,” and the group is portrayed as cloaked figures and the commercials featured cryptic symbolism and a foreboding relationship between the “Belluminati,” the U.S. dollar, and the Taco Bell menu. On the air since mid-December, the Taco Bell commercials are a flagrant mockery of the idea of an Illuminati shadow government, and they were created to hawk the fast food chain’s new $1 menu featuring 20 new items in 2017. And Charlie Daniels is apparently not amused.

In his tweet to Taco Bell, Daniels kept his words of warning short and sweet and somewhat disturbing. Addressing Taco Bell directly, the 81 year old wrote simply that the Illuminati “is not a frivolous subject.” He didn’t elaborate, leaving his followers and fans to discuss his cryptic tweet on social media.

For the most part, Daniels’ followers didn’t appear too concerned that Taco Bell’s Illuminati-related commercials would bring forth the wrath of the secret society. Even so, social media users were keen to discuss the idea that maybe Taco Bell and the leaders of the world’s so-called “shadow government” may be engaging in some kind of collusion.

Others couldn’t help but blatantly mock the unlikely connection between Charlie Daniels, Taco Bell, and the Illuminati.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time that Charlie Daniels has taken to social media to take on the subject of the Illuminati. The country singer addressed the issue of the secret society and its potential existence on Facebook in 2014. At the time, Taco Bell had nothing to do with the subject, and even Daniels himself didn’t seem certain that such a group actually existed.

In fact, in his 2014 Facebook post, Daniels came close to dismissing the possibility of the existence of the Illuminati altogether, saying that the idea was “hard for [him] to swallow.” He did admit, however, that it was possible that such a secret society could possibly be in existence, pulling the strings from “behind the scenes.”

“I do have some very deep suspicions about people who operate behind the scenes and have undue and unmerited influence in the halls of power of the international political scene.”

In the recent years, Daniels’ concerns about the Illuminati seem to have grown substantially. They have, after all, become large enough to compel him to reach out to Taco Bell and give the fast food giant a friendly little word of advice about their “Belluminati” ad campaign.

As of this article’s publication, neither Charlie Daniels nor Taco Bell has spoken publicly about Daniels’ Illuminati tweet.