'Destiny 2' Crimson Days Event Coming In February, Hidden Secrets And Collectibles In Future DLC

It does not appear Destiny 2 players will have to wait very long before the next in-game event arrives. A Bungie Community Manager has confirmed Crimson Days will return from the original Destiny with some changes. Meanwhile, Game Director Christopher Barrett revealed that the missing hidden objects and other secrets would make their way into the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC shooter in future DLC expansions.

Details of the Crimson Days event was datamined and shared on Reddit by user Ginsor. The original event in Destiny 1 was largely Crucible focused on Crimson Doubles matches, in which one player was given a boost of power when their partner fell in battle. There was also the chance to earn new unique Valentine's Day-themed Ghost Shells, Shaders, emblems, and emotes.

Community Manager Cozmo23 confirmed Crimson Days would return in the same Reddit thread with more details coming as part of the Thursday weekly Bungie blog post. It's unclear if the developers have taken the negative feedback from The Dawning event to heart yet or not, but the datamined information indicates the format will be similar. Rewards from the Crimson Days event will come through an Eververse engram that can be earned by completing a milestone or by a microtransaction purchase.

The Crimson Days engrams will contain similar cosmetic items to The Dawning. This includes emotes, Ghost Shells, ornaments, shaders, mods, transmat effects, and sparrows. The Ghost Shells also have a tracker to count the number of opponents defeated in Crimson Doubles matches.

It may be too late to make meaningful changes with the Crimson Days events barely more than a month away. It should still be interesting to see if Bungie tracks a slightly different course with their first blog post of 2018.

The Crimson Days logo from Destiny 1.

Collectibles and Hidden Secrets

Speaking of Bungie development, Game Director and Live Team Lead Christopher Barrett confirmed on Twitter that the studio plans to add collectible items and hidden secrets in future Destiny 2 expansions.

Veteran Destiny players have pointed to the lack of discoverable items in Destiny 2 like Dead Ghosts and SIVA Clusters in the original release. These helped fill out the Grimoire and other lore in the game, but Bungie stripped out the Grimoire completely and substituted Adventures instead, along with a recent free digital comic book for Curse of Osiris.

The next Destiny 2 expansion was leaked as Gods of Mars and may arrive as soon as March.