Yolanda Hadid Shares Details About Her New Boyfriend In Latest Interview

Thibault CamusAP Images

Yolanda Hadid dished on a few details about her new boyfriend in an interview on Wednesday. The 53-year-old former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star split from ex-husband, David Foster, in 2015 and took a lot of time to focus on herself and her priorities. She’s gearing up for the premiere of Making a Model; a reality show that she executive produces and stars in on Lifetime.

On Monday, Yolanda told Entertainment Tonight that she’s “so in love” right now and is “off the market.” She’s revealed feeling healthy and ready to move on to the next chapter in her life. She didn’t spill who the mystery man is because he’s very private, and she wants to avoid the “public fiasco” that entered her last relationship with Foster. Hadid says she’s going to keep the romance private as long as she can and just enjoy it.

Yolanda Hadid’s new love isn’t a celebrity, but a businessman, she shared with ET. She’s feeling “very blessed to have a found a beautiful love.”

Hadid is offering a little more information about her beau with People Now. By the way she gushes about this mystery man, it’s evident she’s extremely happy, and things are going well for her. Yolanda began by saying she wanted to take the time to heal from not only Lyme disease but her divorce from Foster. She explains that she wanted to “really step into my own power as an independent woman and just feel whole on my own for the first time in” her life. The reality star and former model said she was serious about taking that time to re-evaluate her priorities and what she wanted, which she says meant she didn’t want to date or meet anybody.

Yolanda said things changed a few months ago when a “great guy” showed up at the right time.

“I really started focusing. I made a love spiral and wrote down exactly everything that was important to me in a man and he magically just rang the doorbell at the farm.”

Hadid delves into what unfolded after that.

“When you meet somebody that thought he was going to die, like I felt I was gonna die, you have a whole new appreciation for life and you kind of share that, so that’s really already a common bond that we have. To live in the moment, enjoy every day, and not wait. Why take it slow? Let’s just go for it and have a great time.”

Hadid was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012. Her battle with the illness was chronicled on RHOBH.

It seems that Yolanda’s personal and professional life couldn’t be any better. The mother of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid will coach six teen models and their momagers on Making a Model, which premieres on Lifetime Thursday, January 11.

Yolanda Hadid loves the mother-daughter relationship and how they embark on this adventure together. She explains that moms on the show will “learn to be in the shadow and let their children just shine in their own ways, step into their own power.”