The Placement Of Meghan Markle’s Rings Makes A Shocking Revelation About Her Personality And Relationships

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited the Reprezent 107.3 FM studios in Brixton for their first public engagement for 2018. As usual, many took note of Meghan’s chic, yet cozy sartorial choice, which consisted of a coat by Smythe and a round neck sweater from Marks & Spencer’s Autograph line. Another aspect of her outfit that grabbed attention was her jewelry.

This time, it wasn’t her diamond engagement ring that sparked interest. Rather, it was her thin gold rings that were neatly arranged on her thumb, index, and ring fingers. While some may have dismissed it as a quiet representation of the actress’ bohemian style, traditional palmistry suggested a far deeper meaning.

According to a report from Mirror, wearing a ring on the thumb is an indicator for motivation, control, and aggression. Interestingly, girls who wear rings on their thumb are often those who are the leaders in their circles of friends and also tend to enjoy giving advice.

Often, girls who wear rings this way are the ones who like to control their husband and kids. It also represents a woman with an “over-controlling mother-in-law,” hence her need to assert her own power and authority over her household.

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Another palmist said that a person who wears a ring on the index finger could either be a newly appointed king, queen, or CEO. It could also be indicative of an ambitious person with millions of fans.

Finally, the gold band on Meghan’s right ring finger was taken as a symbol of a “strong bond or relationship,” perhaps representing her relationship with her fiance, Prince Harry. This placement could also mean “self-love, self-worth, or creativity.”

Although these are just mere suggestions based on studies in palmistry, it hits close to home for Meghan. She’s a born leader, having served as an ambassador for the United Nations and World Vision. She’s also good at giving advice, as evidenced by her now defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig.

As an actress and star of the hit legal drama Suits, Meghan has a massive fanbase. Now that she’s engaged to Prince Harry and set to become a member of the British royal family, the 36-year-old philanthropist’s following is growing even larger.

Most importantly, her relationship with Prince Harry and the royal family is very strong. As a matter of fact, she was invited to spend Christmas with the royal family at Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham estate, making her the first non-family member to do so.

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According to a website called What Meghan Wore, the future Duchess of Sussex was wearing the Rosee du Matin Diamond Bar Ring by Canadian jeweler Birks on her right ring finger. The said ring is made of white gold. The earrings she wore to the event were also from the same jewelry brand.