Affidavit: High School Football Players Laughed, Videoed During Brutal Sexual Assault Of Teammate

Investigators have a video recording of a brutal sexual assault of a 16-year-old Oklahoma high school football player by four of his teammates, according to a search warrant affidavit filed in Tulsa County District Court.

The incident in which two Bixby High School players held their teammate’s legs, another restrained his upper body and the fourth assaulted him through his shorts with a pool cue stick, is detailed in the warrant application, which was obtained by the Tulsa World Tuesday.

The assault took place September 27 in an upstairs bedroom of the home of Kyle Wood, who at the time was superintendent of the Bixby School District, during a party that was held for the offensive line.

While the four boys participated in the sexual assault, a fifth was stationed at the door to make sure no one interrupted, according to an earlier search warrant affidavit obtained by the Tulsa World. Other teammates watched and laughed during the attack, the documents indicate.

Wood, who resigned at the December 18 board of education meeting, and other school officials are under investigation for their alleged roles in interfering with the investigation, according to the documents.

The school officials may not be the only adults being investigated for possible obstruction. The search warrant affidavit says that while the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has the cell phone of the boy who videoed the assault, the boy’s parents said another parent had offered to buy the phone.

It was nearly a month after the assault before school officials became aware of it. According to the affidavit, a female student told Athletic Director Jay Bittle October 26 that a video of the incident was being shared.

It is not clear at that point when school officials became aware that the incident was not just severe hazing but a sexual assault. When the victim’s mother became aware of the extent of what had happened to her son, she contacted Bittle on October 31, according to the documents.

Investigators have received conflicting stories about what actions were taken by school officials.

One thing certain is that the police were not brought in until five days after the original conversation between the girl and Bittle. High School Principal Terry Adams, Bittle, and football coach Loren Montgomery met with Bixby police officer Brian Toney October 31, keeping the superintendent out of the loop. The affidavit indicates Wood had not given his approval to contact the police, despite the information the officials had obtained during an internal investigation.

The officials told the officer Wood would not allow them to contact police until November 2. When Wood finally gave them the OK, the documents said, he ordered them to contact one particular officer.

School officials made no effort to contact the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, a mandatory requirement on reports of child abuse until November 10, according to the affidavit.

Bixby High School football players allegedly sexually assaulted a teammate.

Investigators have executed search warrants on the school district, seeking all communications of Wood, Bittle, Adams, and Montgomery in which the assault was addressed.

The football players were kicked off the team just before it lost to Booker T. Washington in the state championship game. Since all of those involved were juveniles, the judicial action involving them will be a closed record.