Macbook Pro Battery “Blows Up,” Causes Mac To “Jump Up”

While it isn’t the first instance of a MacBook battery blowing up and/or malfunctioning in some fashion, the team at Engadget unearthed one of the more interesting cases of a battery malfunction in recent memory.

According to the user, their MacBook Pro (non-unibody) was just sitting around on their desk when it began to become increasingly loud, then the entire machine “jumped up” into the air and turned off. The results of the malfunction? Just take a look at the picture shown on this page.

Luckily for the user he didn’t have his Macbook Pro sitting on his lap when the battery decided to pound against the table and go for a quick leap.

Has your Mac exploded or otherwise malfunctioned? Send us your pictures so we can compare the carnage.