‘Dying’ Val Kilmer Reportedly Making His Bucket List Dreams Come True

Andrew TothGetty Images

Val Kilmer is said to be making the most out of his final days. The actor is reportedly on his deathbed after battling a severe bout of throat cancer last year. With the end fast approaching, sources claim that Kilmer has taken up art as a way to make his bucket list of dreams come true. Is Kilmer really on the verge of death?

Kilmer Takes Up Art

According to Radar Online, Kilmer has been investing in art as a way to lighten his mood. An insider revealed that the actor has been painting, sculpting, and modeling as a means to cope with his failing health. Kilmer has been creating so much art that it is quickly filling every room of his house and it has proven to be very therapeutic for the Top Gun star.

“Art is taking his mind off his health. He’s drowning his sorrows in paints and brushes, stencils and metals and sculptures,” the inside source explained. “His style is described as contemporary abstract and colorful pop art. It’s a way for him to get through the day without talking since his voice is a thick inaudible rasp.”

How Is Kilmer’s Health?

Kilmer has fought rumors of bad health for years. According to People, the actor finally confessed to having throat cancer last year. Kilmer sat down with the Hollywood Reporter and revealed that his battle with throat cancer took a major toll on his life.

After undergoing chemotherapy and a tracheal procedure, the actor can barely speak and often finds himself short of breath. Given his inability to speak and drastic change in appearance, many fans fear the worst for the beloved actor.

Kilmer Finally Admits To Having Cancer

Kilmer is a dedicated Christian Scientist and has been very secretive about his health over the years. Although Kilmer’s religion typically avoids using modern medicine, Kilmer admitted that his chemotherapy helped cure his throat cancer. Just last year, reports surfaced that Kilmer’s cancer had spread to other parts of his body and he was on the verge of death. The actor surprised fans this past August, however, when he made an appearance in Arizona. The public outing led fans to believe that Kilmer was finally on the road to recovery.

Kilmer Makes Amends With Brother

According to Radar Online, Kilmer’s health was so bad that he finally reached out and made amends with his estranged brother, Mark Kilmer. The brothers had fought for years over Kilmer’s religious beliefs and hadn’t talked in years prior to Kilmer’s cancer scare. That all changed when Kilmer got throat cancer and decided to undergo chemo.

An insider revealed that Kilmer called his brother, and the two reunited. Although they still disagree over religion, Kilmer and Mark are on much better terms. That said, the insider also claims that Kilmer is on his deathbed and lost over 89 pounds last year.

Val Kilmer looked in bad shape in his most recent interview, but he hasn’t commented on his health since then.