Lee Sutton And Rena Kiser Weight-Loss Pictures: ‘My 600-LB Life’ Couple Drops Hundreds Of Pounds After Show


Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser are featured on the My 600-LB Life season opener, and some pictures from their appearance after the show’s taping give hints at an enormous transformation and hundreds of pounds lost.

The couple has a unique weight-loss story, having met in a weight-loss clinic where Lee was the roommate of Rena’s brother. The two started dating, but that was against the rules of the clinic, so Lee left and they continued their relationship for 11 years. But during that time, Lee failed to make any progress in his weight loss and Rena spiraled into weight gain herself as both shared bad eating and health habits.

As Broadway World noted, Lee Sutton weighs 714 pounds and Rena weighs 542 pounds when viewers meet them for the first time. Like many patients who appear on My 600-LB Life, Lee is bed-bound and Rena must give him care around the clock, making their relationship that much more difficult and their conditions compound on each other.

TLC shared a clip of Wednesday’s episode showing the difficulties that Lee and Rena have in even everyday tasks like going shopping. It is a major undertaking for the two to get to the store, and Rena described going out in public with her boyfriend as going through “a walk of shame.”

With the interest in the season opener of My 600-LB Life, many fans tried to find any potential weight-loss pictures from Lee and Rena. While TLC is traditionally tight-lipped about updates from those who appear on the show — keeping any weight-loss pictures out of their promotional materials — but there are some signs (and a few pictures) of Lee and Rena’s weight loss, which is enormous.

Rena maintains updates on her Facebook page, where friends and well-wishers are already congratulating her on the weight loss she has seen since the taping of the show. Lee also shared an update that both he and Rena are down to 400 pounds, meaning she has lost close to 150 pounds and he lost more than 300. Both Lee and Rena have shared some pictures of their weight loss (though, in Lee’s case, it is a drawing of he and Rena).

Those who want to see more of the weight-loss pictures from Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser can check out TLC’s official page for the show, which generally is updated with pictures after the episode has aired.