‘One Piece’ Chapter 891 Official Spoilers: Luffy Learns New Technique, Close To Defeat Katakuri

NMH.illusionFlickr/Cropped and Resized(CC BY 2.0 )

One Piece Chapter 891 is yet to be released but spoilers are already surfacing the web. The upcoming chapter will feature the continuation of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. Will Luffy finally defeat Big Mom’s sweet commander?

In the spoiler posted at One Piece Forum, One Piece Chapter 891 will start in the ongoing battle between Luffy and Katakuri. While they are fighting, Big Mom’s 33rd daughter, Charlotte Furenpe, is watching together with her subordinates. Furenpe, who dreamt of becoming the king of all sisters, is the leader of the Katakuri’s fans club.

Furenpe expressed her frustration after seeing her brother having a hard time dealing with an opponent like Luffy. She ordered her subordinate to attack the Strawhat Pirates captain but they are unable to connect. In the previous chapters of One Piece, Luffy was trying to slightly predict the future like Katakuri. With how he dodges the attacks of the enemy, it seems like he’s slowly learning how to use the technique.

His stubbornness also serves as one of the reasons why Katakuri can’t easily beat him. Every time he goes down, he just stands up and fights again. To predict the future, Luffy calms down and remembers all the lessons he learned from Rayleigh. He managed to nullify the enemy’s attack by hitting back exactly at the same time Katakuri attacks. Though not as effective as his ability, Katakuri was surprised to see Luffy being able to achieve such power in a short period of time. The Strawhat Pirates captain vowed to defeat the sweet commander this time and reunite with his crew in the Thousand Sunny.

One Piece Chapter 891 also featured Sanji and his team finally finished in making the wedding cake. Lady Pudding told Sanji that it’s already too late for them to deliver the wedding cake. However, Black Leg remains optimistic and said that no matter what happens he needs to meet and save his friends from Big Mom. As Charlotte Linlin wreaks havoc in the Thousand Sunny, a ship that leaks the smell of a wedding cake appears.

One Piece Chapter 891 is expected to be out soon.