Critical Facts Are Absent From The Gun Ban Debate, According To Viral Video

Amidst the Noise video

Important facts are being left out of the gun control debate, according to the viral “Amidst the Noise” video. The video creators used FBI crime statistics to highlight violence and weapons facts they feel are integral to the gun ban conversation.

The “Amidst the Noise” video contends that the main stream media is not being “honest” about crime statistics and has left information the American people need to know out of the Second Amendment related discussion, according to The Blaze.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Vice President Joe Biden allegedly promised gun control legislation by the end of January. On one side of the gun ban debate there are activists like Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, movie producer Michael Moore, and CNN commentator Piers Morgan.

Feinstein reintroduced semiautomatic firearms or assault weapons ban legislation. Morgan vowed to help educate Americans about what he considers the dangers of guns. Moore vehemently stated his views on the portion of the populace that he deemed frightened gun-lovers who want to correct race problems in the United States.

Second Amendment supporters such as the NRA and former Marine Joshua Boston have been equally outspoken when balking at the creation of news laws to restrict access to guns in America. The “Amidst the Noise” video appears to focus on the goal of clarifying and presenting facts related to gun ownership and crime so citizens can make informed comments when venturing into the gun debate arena.

An excerpt from the “Amidst the Noise” video reads:

“Does it not play into their fear agenda? That, you know, you’re going to walk out your front door and get shot? I’m a guy that lives in the country. I love America, but I’m concerned and I just wanted to let everyone how I view the problems. This is not just about guns. This is about a broken system. This is about a beacon of light that burned out long ago.”

FBI gun crime statistics cited in the “Amidst the Noise” video include the fact that the violent crime rate in metropolitan areas where the population is more than 250,000 is double that of the national average. Facts presented in the video also note that between 1992 and 2011 violent crime fell by almost 50 percent.