Prince Harry Gets A Business Card From DJ Looking To Get Wedding Gig

Jack TaylorGetty Images

On January 9, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited a radio station in London in order to learn more about a youth training program. This was the first official outing the couple has taken part in for the new year, and although there are likely to be plenty more public appearances that Markle and Prince Harry will make before the wedding, this one also offered at least one interesting and even humorous moment. During their visit to the radio station, it seems that one of the DJs who worked there decided to aim for the royal wedding gig.

As People Magazine reported, the DJ, who is a London local, decided he would try and put his name out there to be a part of the royal wedding. It seems that while Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were being escorted through the studio, a DJ for Reprezent 107.3, Jevanni Letford, actually slipped his business card to the prince. In a video posted to Letford’s Twitter page, viewers can see as Markle and Prince Harry are apparently walking by where the DJ was standing. Although the crowd is rather loud behind whoever is filming, one can hear Jevanni Letford as he not only hands the prince his business card but then repeats twice, “DJ at your wedding.”

While Prince Harry seems to be initially confused by what he is being handed, once Letford says that he wants to be a DJ at the wedding it is clear that he knows what he is holding. Not only does the prince seem amused by what has happened as he smiles and holds onto the business card, but Meghan Markle can also be seen laughing as she hears Letford say he wants to be their wedding DJ.


In the post that went along with the video on Twitter, Jevanni Letford said that he handed Prince Harry a business card in order to try and secure the wedding gig. He includes “#triedit,” while also tagging not only Meghan Markle, but also the Kensington royal Twitter account and the Reprezent station.

Although Letford may have made his own bid to be the DJ at the royal wedding when he handed Prince Harry his business card, there is a lot of competition for performers hoping to be a part of the big day. In fact, people like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith have also said that they would love to have the chance to perform for the couple on their wedding day. No matter who ends up performing at the royal wedding, it seems that at least one DJ went straight to Prince Harry in order to try and secure the job.