Justin Bieber Alleged Drug Photos: 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Visit Not Publicity Stunt

Justin Bieber did not stage the impromptu visit to a 7-year-old cancer patient in a hospital as a sort of publicity stunt to cover up his alleged drug photos according to sources close to the pop star. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Millie Flamm was just too sick to attend Justin Bieber’s concert in Salt Lake City, so Bieber paid the young fan a visit in her hospital room at Primary Children’s Medical Center. Critics of Justin Bieber say the cancer patient visit had alternative motives rather than just plain good will.

Justin Bieber has made a fortune on his wholesome image, and coincidentally right before the cancer patient visit this image was being threatened by two alleged drug photos that show Justin Bieber holding a “suspicious” cigarette that some suspect contained marijuana. He was also spotted sharing a bubbly drink with his pal Lil Twist, and Justin Bieber is still only 18. As reported by ABC News, these acts have fans questioning whether 19-year-old Dallas rapper is a bad influence on the pop singer:

“I hate you! You give bad influence to @justinbieber ! Just stay away from him.”

Writing on Twitter Saturday, Bieber didn’t address the situation directly but appeared to refer obliquely to his behavior:

“i see all of u. i hear all of u. i never want to let any of you down. i love u. and..thank u”

A member of Justin Bieber’s team told the Huffington Post that we should not be concerned about the star’s recent behavior:

“He’s a young kid doing what young kids do. Not defending it, but it happens. He goes to parties and hangs out. Some of the wrong folks are sometimes around. He’ll survive. He just needs to get things together a bit.”

This situation started rumors that he abruptly visited the sick cancer patient as a means to draw attention away from the bad photographs as publicity stunt. A friend of the singer told the Huffington Post that these rumors were completely untrue:

“This visit had nothing to do with the recent photographs. There was no press, and if a friend of the family hadn’t posted a picture on Facebook no one would have known he went. This isn’t the first time Justin has done something like this. What is more upsetting than what Justin is alleged to be doing in the photos, is the fact that a so called ‘friend’ would take them and sell them to the press. It’s sad he can’t have 10 minutes away from the spotlight to grow up like everyone else does.”

Publicity stunt intended to cover up the Bieb’s alcohol and marijuana usage, or simple good will by Justin Bieber? You decide.